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What is Amazing Business? How does it work?

Put simply, we are here to help you have an Amazing Business. Our Goal for you is:

More Profits While Working Less

Kim and Andrew Baird

Kim and Andrew Baird are passionate about getting results for their clients

We help small to medium businesses make more cash profits in their business, while working less. Listen we know a lot of people will promise this as well, but we’re a little bit different. Let me explain how.

For starters before we started teaching others how to do this we did it in our own business first. So we only want you to use tried and tested techniques – not some theoretical knowledge.

Next we test and refine, we’re constantly getting feedback from our clients and our partners about what’s working Right Now so that we keep up with the market place, because as we know the world is changing at an even more rapid pace.

Finally the other big difference with us is that we’re not just another “Sales and Marketing” training shop – yes they’re very important to business BUT our first focus is on Strategy. If you don’t have a strategy around what you’re doing then you won’t make the best changes for your business first (or at all), so we focus on Strategy first.

Let me give you a specific example – one way we help you is to discover Instant Leverage Points in your business that can be used to quickly create new income streams that are high profit and low work. This is a strategy – and one that works very well when applied correctly. Sound like something that you are looking for? Then read on …

What Does Amazing Business do?

We provide you with a number of ways to help create an amazing business for you. We run coaching programs where you get personal one-on-one coaching with business guru Andrew Baird. We also run live events, webinars and partner with some other big name experts to get you amazing deals to their events too. We sell cutting edge products to help you grow and prosper your business in your own time.

We also offer results focused services to get your business more results online – whether you are already getting great results, or if you are getting no results at all, or if you are just starting out doing business online, we can help you get MORE results online.  We offer website design and development services, as well as SEO, online marketing funnels and complete online business management.

Check out what some of our clients have to say:

Meet the Team

Andrew Baird – Strategy Specialist and Business Guru

Andrew Baird - RockclimbingAndrew is passionate about helping business owners to create massive results in their business. For over 20 years he has been a student of what makes people successful and happy. However when he started in his first business he found that he struggled and it almost went under. From then on he went, researched and studied under multi-millionaires and billionaires about how to create a business that makes great profits. For Andrew the next step was to go out and help other business owners do what he had done. He has a keen analytical mind and can show you the strategies we believe can skyrocket your business profits.

Andrew loves the thrill and excitement of extreme sports and is often found on the ski fields bright and early snowboarding or at the rock-climbing wall scaling the heights.

Connect with Andrew

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Kim Baird – Online Results Extraordinaire and Marketing Expert

Kim Baird - Auckland SkyTower“I’m all about getting my clients results!”

Are you looking to improve your results for your business online?  Kim is an online results extraordinaire, and has gotten some amazing results for her clients with her wide experience and knowledge of online marketing and sales.  Kim has a wide variety of strategies in her online toolbelt to help virtually any business get results online.

Kim is also a very talented marketing expert.  After studying the world’s leading Copywriters, Kim quickly discovered that she had a natural talent for writing marketing that sells. This talent has now turned into a massive passion for her and she loves helping businesses to create awesome marketing that brings in money quickly. She also has a natural talent for identifying opportunities within a business to quickly and easily tap into new income streams and create powerful alliances that save money and generate easy sales.

Kim is also an adventure enthusiast. After months of nagging she finally convinced her parents to take her skydiving on her 14th birthday. This love of adventure has stayed with her over the years and she now loves skiing in North America, and travelling to exotic places.

Connect with Kim

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Who can Amazing Business Help? Can You Help Me?

At Amazing Business we can help almost any small to medium business to make more cash profits in their business, while increasing the productivity of the business and thus letting you work less for the money that is coming in. Does this sound good to you? However, there is a catch. We are not promising a “magical button” here that you will press and then instantaneously everything will be a great success. To get the results that we suggest you will need to do some work, follow the advice and information we give you and take some action, but let me tell you, if you do that the outcome will be worth it.

If you are a person that is looking for that “magical button” solution then that is fine and we wish you all the best for finding it, but we are not the right people to help you. There are many other businesses out there that have the promise of the “magic button”, but from our personal experience these businesses over promise and under deliver massively. We are not like that. We do not make false claims and we strive to deliver exactly what we have said. In fact, we offer a complete money back guarantee, so if you are unhappy with anything that we have said or done for any reason then we will happily refund your money.

Who is behind Amazing Business?

Amazing Business is run by the dynamic husband and wife team – Andrew and Kim Baird. So who are we? We are two passionate people that believe that life is here to enjoy and experience. We started a web development company in 2002, and over the years we both fell in love with owning a business and creating life on our terms. We absolutely love being business owners and the freedom and choices that it gives us for our life. We live in beautiful New Zealand, have an adorable 5 year old son called Rylan and a 2 year old daughter Zara. We love being parents and the amazing experiences that parenthood has brought with it. Watching Rylan and Zara grow and learn is such an amazing journey.

Running our businesses gives us the freedom we want so that we get to both raise our children and watch them grow, and we are passionate about helping others achieve similar freedom to make the choices that they desire in their life. Is this something that you want?

We both love travelling – seeing new places and experiencing new things, definitely one of our passions in life that will continue for many years to come. Another passion is that we both also love adventure, outdoors and extreme sports – skydiving, rock climbing, skiing/snowboarding are just a few of our favourite things we’ve done. But it’s not all about business and fun for us, we also have a strong belief about giving back, and we support many charities every year to do this.