Are You Ready for Your Website and Digital Marketing to be Generating You Way More Leads and Clients Consistently?

You know most business websites are just sitting there,
not doing much good for the business that they are supposed to be working for!

That’s right, your website is like one of your employees, and with the help of your digital marketing, it should be working for you producing real results for your business.  That means qualified LEADS and SALES!

You probably paid thousands of dollars for your website to get developed.  Is it producing the results that you truly want?  Maybe you have even built multiple sites from different developers trying to get a site that leads to sales but with no or little success.  It is disappointing I know.

You spent all this money thinking that you were getting the right website built that is going to grow your business.  You were excited putting the site out to the world and anticipating lots of sales rolling in, and then nothing, or a little trickle of enquiries came in.  Your website certainly didn’t live up to your expectations right!?!

The Online World Can Be a Confusing and Frustrating Place To Do Business!

Frustrated by your online marketing resultsThere is so much power doing business online.  It can be extremely leveraged, meaning that you can get way more results while doing less work.  WIN!  But the online world is also now so noisy and confusing, there is so much information out there on what to do and not to do.  This makes it confusing to have your online strategy actually working and getting real results for your business.

I get asked questions like these all the time…

  • How do I actually get my website to get me clients?
  • How do I stand out in the online world when there is so much competition?
  • What online strategies are going to be best for my specific business, there are so many?
  • Why isn’t the advertising I’m doing leading to sales?
  • How do I get more traffic to my site without spending a small fortune on advertising?
  • Do I really need to do social media, email marketing, writing blogs, running webinars to get clients?

Too many businesses are not taking advantage of marketing their business effectively online via their website and other online marketing strategies, and it is no wonder because it can be very time consuming and confusing to put it all together, and even know whether it will get a real result for your business.

The simple fact is that your website and digital marketing should be generating you a consistent flow of qualified leads and sales for your business, if it isn’t you need to do something about that.

Do You Want Any of The Following…

A website that can generate you a consistent stream of qualified leads and sales for your business

To massively increase your online exposure and reach. Could you double, triple or get an even greater increase in income for your business?

Learn how to do effective digital marketing so that it is costing you way less and getting you better results

Have a clear, simple and solid plan for your ongoing digital marketing and website that will generate results

If you want any of those then read on to find out about a 2 day workshop that will show you how to get all of that…

Introducing… ‘Digital Marketing Dynamo’

A 2 day workshop to get your website and digital marketing to be generating real results for your business: qualified leads and sales on a consistent basis.  How good would that feel?

The Digital Marketing Dynamo workshop is a powerful 2 day workshop where you will be working on your business and specifically your website and digital marketing strategy to create a plan that is going to get you the best results for your business.

There is no fixed system that we are cramming you into here!  With over 30 years combined experience in the digital marketing and business world, we know that every business is different and therefore every solution is different!  There is no one size fits all solution, instead we will help you find the perfect solutions for YOU that will get YOUR business the best results.

By the end of the workshop you will have a clearly defined plan of the strategies and systems you want to implement, as well as starting to implement some of it.  All of this will be designed to suit you and your business to get the best results possible.

What is digital marketing exactly and why do I really need to even know about it?

The simple truth is that you don’t!  You can run a very successful and thriving business without even having a website or any online presence, I’ve done it myself in the past and seen it done countless times with other business owners, and if you want to that then great, this workshop isn’t for you.

This workshop is for those that do want to utilise the power and massive leverage of having an online presence and who want to get the best results from the time, money and effort that they are putting in.

Digital marketing is marketing that you are doing in the digital/online world – things like your website, social media, SEO, email marketing, webinars, podcasts, video marketing, FB lives, blogging, CPC advertising….  the list goes on and it can all get very confusing, what to do and what not to do.  You don’t need to do it all!

The power of implementing a solid digital marketing strategy is that it gives you leverage and the massive advantage of reaching a national or global audience with your products and services relatively easily.  We have got clients from all over the world with our own digital marketing and we have helped clients do the same.

Here’s Just a Few Things You Will Discover At The Event…

The biggest mistakes when it comes to a business website that even most web developers are making that are destroying your sales and how to easily fix these!

The “must have” elements that you need to get your website to be consistently generating high quality leads and sales for your business

How to generate way more quality traffic and visitors to your website, and most importantly ones who are going to turn into clients way more easily they currently do!

Stop wasting thousands on marketing and advertising that isn’t generating results!  The essential ingredients that you need to put in place before you spend any money on getting more traffic to your site

Effective ways to get free and low cost marketing for your site to increase the traffic, but not just any traffic, highly qualified traffic of your exactly ideals clients

“So You Are Just Going To Be Trying To Sell Me
Another Overpriced Website Right?”

Absolutely not!  We ran a very successful website and digital marketing agency for over 10 years, that’s how we have such solid knowledge and experience in this area.  But we no longer run that business and we are not selling you any new site here.

This workshop is all about showing you the information, tools and systems to improve your website and digital marketing results.  What you need on your site, and what you don’t, that is probably hurting your results without you realising it!  Some of the tools and systems that we use and recommend are free and some are paid.  You have the power to choose what you want to use and what you don’t.  You can actually get massive results that could double or triple your online results from just the information and free tools that we will show you at the workshop and not spending a cent more.

Everyone is at different levels with their online marketing, so for some people massively improving their results will mean just a few tweaks to be made, for others that will mean a lot more work.  If you do decide at the end of the workshop that you need help with your marketing or your website then you can ask us for advice and recommendations on how to move forwards.

Our goal with anything that we do is to get you the best solution that will cause the biggest results for the lowest cost possible.

You don’t need to struggle or continue to get lack lustre results!
Let’s Get Your Website and Digital Marketing  
Totally Rocking With Awesome Results!

“So Can You Really Get Results?”

Here are just a few of the results we have helped businesses to get with their website and digital marketing…

One client got 60 qualified new leads within 2 weeks of making changes to his website.  Previously it would have taken him months to get that many qualified leads!

We helped one client make over $80,000 within one month by using a simple digital marketing strategy that helped to her to secure numerous high paying clients

Took a new start up business from $0 to $10,000 in their very first month in business with just one online strategy that lead to the sales flooding in

Helped a client to easily pre-qualify the prospects she was talking to, saving her a huge amount of time that she was previously wasting on tyre-kickers

One client made 3 sales the day after we gave her a few simple tips with a digital strategy

Your Presenters: Who Are We?

Andrew Baird

Andrew Baird is a Business Coach, International Speaker and Best Selling International Business Author who has been involved in businesses since 1998, taking him from his home in Auckland through Australia and the US, including Wall Street in New York where he worked with start-ups during the DotCom Boom and Bust of 2000.

Growing businesses from nothing to millions in turnover and creating many profitable exits he loves helping business owners transform what’s possible for them.  From Baby Boomers getting ready to sell their business for the maximum price through to Gen Y’s struggling in their first business, Andrew loves getting stuck in and sharing what works from his personal experiences.

Investing in multiple start ups with his most successful now trading for over $500 million dollars he has a wealth of experience in starting small and growing businesses.  He has bought and sold, partnered and used licensing to rapidly grow his start ups.  An expert in online technologies his first three start ups were both technology based companies.

Widely respected he has been featured locally and internationally on Radio, TV, Digital Media and many other media outlets from the National Business Review to Sky TV.  With a wealth of knowledge in business and his advanced strategies he can transform virtually any business.

Andrew is a dedicated family man and uses the leverage he has created in his business to actively spend time with his family.  Loving the outdoors he loves exploring the bush in New Zealand as well as rock climbing and scaling the heights.

Kim Baird

Kim Baird is an inspirational speaker, award winning author (winner of the Gowor International Publishing Award 2015), transformational coach and entrepreneur. Kim has helped thousands of people to transform their lives and their businesses for the better. She has a passion for living life full out by your own rules and absolutely loves helping others to do the same; helping them to consciously create the life that they truly desire.

Her skills at transforming others have come from vast training, and her own unique experiences in life. Faced with many challenges from being born with cataracts, nearly having to declare bankruptcy on multiple occasions, and being diagnosed with serious health problems, she has discovered how to thrive in the face of adversity.

She now specialises in transforming people’s ‘Inner Game’ so that they can take not just survive but thrive and take their lives to the next level.  The Inner Game is all the internal stuff that goes on inside of us that drives and creates our external world, including our mindset, thoughts, beliefs, habits, intentions, desires, emotions and energy that shape our lives and can help us thrive or hold us back from creating what we truly want.

She is an accomplished author; her International Publishing Award winning book Gifts From the Darkness has received rave reviews and Kim has also co-authored numerous books on business, life and personal development including Conscious Business and Grounded In Gratitude. Kim in high demand and is often featured in the media including digital, radio and TV.

An adventurer at heart, Kim loves to push herself out of her comfort zone. At the tender age of fourteen she did her very first skydive and fell in love with getting the adrenaline hit, going on to have many fun filled adventures, including swimming with sharks and skiing in North America.

Kim is also devoted to helping numerous charities and causes, which comes back to her passion and dedication to making this world a better place for all, supporting charities both financially and with volunteering her personal time.

Come join us at Digital Marketing Dynamo and get your website and digital marketing generating your business LEADS and SALES


Dates: Saturday 1st – Sunday 2nd July 2017

Times:  Both days will run from 8:30am – 5:30pm

Location:  Quality Hotel, Parnell, Auckland

Investment:  Early Bird Price of just $197 for the 2 days

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