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Effort Not Getting Results

When the results don’t match the effort….

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Ever feel like you are putting in the effort, putting in the hard yards in your business and working your butt off, but the results that are showing up do not seem to match the effort and input that is going in? I have a lot of business owners tell me this, I’ve certainly experienced this before myself as well,…

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4 unusual secrets of business growth for transforming your results.

4 Key Focuses for Business Growth

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1) Serving Current Clients No, not marketing, rather making sure that you’re serving current clients the best you can. Serving current clients means you’re keeping them happy, which drives two things: Repeat Business & Referrals. Repeat Business and Referrals are two of the most powerful drivers of business growth and profits. 2) Creating Sales ASAP Getting new clients is crucial…

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It feels good to be organised

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Many years ago I put a sign up in my home office that read "It feels good to be organised." A few weeks later a friend dropped round and caught sight of the sign and laughed out loud at me. In one sense he was dead right, the office was a mess, and it certainly looked (and was) far from organised….

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