Attention Business Owners: Are You Sick and Tired of Working Too Hard?

What Would it Mean for You if You Knew How to Make More Money, More Easily and Work Less so that You Can Live More?

FROM: Andrew Baird (Co-Founder of Amazing Business)

Dear Business Owner,

What would it mean for you? Would your life change if you could get back 5 hours a week? What about more? What if you could actually make more money and still get more time back? Would that give you the business you always imagined you would have?

I can tell you that it is absolutely possible for almost any business with the right information and some key strategies.

Let me give you an example, as it can be hard to know who to trust and you may be sceptical … recently we helped a client create a simple plan to increase her turnover to over $1 million per year – and doing this while working less in her business. After starting work on the plan she went away on holiday and came back to $14,275 in new income. This amazing result was simple – make the right plan and take action.

Unfortunately most business owners are working themselves to the ground. They are making money, but not as much as they want, and they are slogging away, working long hours and really not having much of a life. Does that sound familiar to you?

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Does your business feel like a trap?
  • Are you working too much and not getting enough time with your family and friends?
  • Do you want to grow your business – make more money, but are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out the way things are right now?
  • Do you want a breakthrough in your business to make more, work less and make it run more smoothly?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then keep reading because I am about to reveal to you how you can change your business and get your life back!

A Unique and Powerful Event …

On May the 18th we are going to do something very different, very powerful and we intend it to be life changing for the small group that chooses to be there.

This live event is called the ‘Business Breakthrough Intensive’, and its all about breaking through your business blocks and discovering how you can make more money, work less and get back your life. So you can enjoy your life and live it now!

And before you stop reading because you think it will cost you a ridiculous price to be at the event, please don’t. We have decided to keep the price low to make it accessible to any business owner that wants to be there.

But before I get into the phenomenal price and details, let me tell you more about this event.

I have set up and structured this exclusive 1-day event so that you can get massive value for the small amount of time and money you need to invest to be there. Spots are extremely limited, and there are only 30 places available.

I will not open up any more as I want this to be a small, intimate group to work with so that everyone can get the most out of the day.

Why Such a Small Group?

After years of attending events, speaking at and working behind the scenes of so many amazing events (including 270 people at the 5 Star Versace on the Gold Coast) as well as running my own events and working with clients both one-on-one and in groups, I have seen that the smaller the group the more powerful the impact on the business owner.

That’s why this event won’t be a big event with hundreds of people, from my experience it won’t benefit you, the business owner the most.  I really do want to help you.

Having a small group means that we can look at specific businesses in the group – only if you choose to – this shows you exactly how to implement the strategies we are showing you into specific real businesses. So if you put your hand up you get my one on one help for your own business.

The power of this is incredible as it opens up everyone in the group to seeing how they can apply it in their business.  Plus its massive value because our lowest priced one on one program is $3,450 – don’t worry as I said before we’ve kept the price low for this event.

Most importantly – a small group is much more powerful and is going to give you greater benefit for your business.


What is the Business Breakthrough Intensive Really About?

Put simply, the Business Breakthrough Intensive is all about:

Making More while Working Less


So how do we do this? By using strategic leverage in your business to work smarter, cutting down the time you take to do things, and improve your business model so it’s more profitable.

You know life really is so short. No one knows how long we have on this planet, and I personally have had friends and family members suddenly pass away, well before their time.  You really don’t know how much time you have.

Do you really want your whole life to be working ridiculous hours in your business? To be working too hard. Do you really want to miss spending time with your kids?

There are two things that we all have in common on this planet, the first is that we will all die at some point, that is a fact, and the second is that we all have the same number of hours in the day to work with.

You can’t magically get any more hours in your day, but you can learn strategies to leverage yourself and your business so that you can do things easier and faster than you ever thought possible.

  • Why most business owners are working way too hard, are struggling to just manage the business, and how it can be turned around easily
  • How to add massive leverage to your business, to allow you to get more done, in less time and actually make more money!
  • A kick-arse strategy to solve those business cashflow problems and also save you time every single month
  • How to use Systems, Automation and Outsourcing to free you up your time while serving your customers better

As you can see, I am going to show you some really powerful stuff at this event, and that is just the beginning.  How would your life change if you got control back of your life, and stopped feeling that overwhelm of not having enough time?

But not only are we going to show you how to work less, but also how to make more money in your business, in a smarter, strategically leveraged way …

  • The easiest way to grow your business FAST! – No joke, this one strategy is GOLD, and if this is the only thing you use from this event it could add thousands to your business within a few weeks
  • One of the biggest mistakes a business can make, and why some businesses will never make enough money despite how hard the owner works and how many clients they get – this can be changed, so make sure you aren’t making this mistake
  • How treating groups of your clients differently can increase your income by more than 50%
  • Adding Leverage to your business – Making Your Website work for you and bring in a flood of new customers
  • Why most websites are completely useless and how to turn your site into a marketing machine

In short, you are going to be learning everything you need to know to transform your business, into the business you always imagined it would be.  You will get the tools to turn your business in a well performing, smart, profit machine, rather than one that is draining you and not giving you enough reward or freedom.

How amazing would it feel to gain some of your time back and spend it with your loved ones, or spend it doing something that you really love … imagine what that would feel like.

Who are We?

So you may be asking by now, who the heck am I and why should you listen to me about business?  I know I would be.  So here is a bit about myself and the other speaker at the event.

I believe strongly in education and constant growth for myself and my business, and over the past 11 years I have attended huge amounts of seminars, not only in NZ, but also overseas in Australia, Vanuatu and the US.

I have also done online trainings and courses, and hired coaches and mentors.  To be completely honest with you not all events and courses have been equal and some of them were a waste of time and money.

I know how important it is to learn from the right person, someone you can trust that actually has the knowledge and experience about what they are talking about.

The other speaker is my wife Kim Baird but before I tell you more about her I must let you know that Kim and I both have very strong values. We genuinely want to help people to have a more amazing life, and we are truly blessed with the life that we have.

We have two wonderful kids who we get to both spend lots of time with and watch them grow. We have a 6 figure lifestyle business, Kim works part time (and often gets asked how she gets so much done).  We don’t believe in all-nighters and working a 60 hour weeks – we believe in working smarter, not harder.

We both feel very grateful for the life we now have, but it wasn’t always this way and we have been through struggle to get where we are today. We see so many business owners that are struggling, just like we did, to find the balance between having a successful business and having an amazing life, and it really makes us sad because it doesn’t have to be this way.

We help business owners to turn their business and life around, and we are all about getting results!

Your Speakers for the Day …

Andrew Baird - Strategic Business CoachAndrew Baird


Strategy Specialist and Business Guru


Andrew is passionate about helping business owners to create massive results in their business. For over 24 years he has been a student of what makes people successful and happy. But when he first started in Business he found that he struggled and it almost went under. From then on he researched, mentored with and applied strategies from multi-millionaires and billionaires on creating a business that makes great profits.

For Andrew the next step was to go out and help other business owners do what he had done. He has a keen analytical mind and can show you the strategies he and his clients have used to skyrocket their business profits.

He has helped many clients to gain their life and their business back, helping them to work less and make more money.

One client he helped implement a strategy where all the hard work of selling a prospective client was done automatically and up front.

This lead to her prospect being pre-sold on her services before she even met with him and once they did meet it was a matter of just signing on the dotted line because he was so keen to work with her. This was a $38,000 sale. It saved her a lot of time and energy from the sales process, and was something that she could replicate and use again and again to get new clients and save her time.

Kim Baird - Online Results ExpertKim Baird


Online Results Expert


Kim is an online results expert, and has gotten some amazing results for her clients with her wide experience and knowledge of online marketing and sales. Kim has a wide variety of strategies in her online toolbelt to help virtually any business get real results online.

Kim is also a very talented marketing expert. After studying the world’s leading Copywriters, Kim quickly discovered that she had a natural talent for writing marketing that sells. This talent has now turned into a massive passion for her and she loves helping businesses to create awesome marketing that brings money in quickly. She also has a natural talent for identifying opportunities within a business to quickly and easily tap into new income streams and create powerful alliances that save money and generate easy sales.

For example, she has helped a client recently to get nearly 60 new targeted leads for their business within a fortnight through their website.

So let’s get into the details of the event.

Date and Location

The event will be held in Auckland on Sunday 18th May 2014.

It is a 1-day event and will run from 9am to 5pm (registration and networking starts at 8:30am).

The Business Breakthrough Intensive seminar will be held in a handy central location.

A Small Investment in Your Future

We have really packed this event full of value, and we could charge at least 3 times the amount we are charging.  In fact the few business owners that we have mentioned this event to are ready to sign up as soon as we make this page available on our website … they are that keen.

So what would you expect to pay for such a powerful 1-day event that could potentially double or triple the profit in your business, and give you back hours of time each week?  I know I would pay thousands for such an event, and in fact I have in the past!  But as I mentioned earlier, we are keeping the cost low so that any business owner who is really committed, anyone that really want to make a change has no excuse to not sign up for this event.

Early Bird Special

The full ticket price for the event is $497, but the pre-release tickets are at a

Special Early Bird Price of Just $247!

Thats right, if you make the decision today, and purchase your ticket to the Business Breakthrough Intensive, you will receive a whooping $252 off the full price!

What’s more if you do want to bring a spouse, friend or business partner along, then they can get their ticket at the same amazing price.

If you are undecisive, you may find that you are upset when you come back and the price has gone up, or worse the tickets are SOLD OUT!

So if you are ready to take action then click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button now and secure your place to this event.


Attend “Business Breakthrough Intensive” and get $897 of Bonus Gifts Absolutely FREE!

We have really stepped it up and made sure we are providing MASSIVE value for your investment. You will see why in a second with the amazing bonuses that you will be getting. At the Business Breakthrough Intensive you will be treated like the VIP that you are!  Here’s what you will get with your ticket:

Bonus #1 – Your Success Follow Up Webinars

Like I have said before, I really want you to succeed in your business, and so I am doing everything I can to help you.  As an added bonus you will be able to attend 2 follow up webinars where you will be able to ask questions and get answers to the problems that are popping up once you go back to your business.

This follow up support is really important to ensure you go out and implement the strategies that we give you on the day and this support will help you to build positive momentum.

Valued at $500

Bonus #2 – Free Up Your Time Training

Ok, this is really special.  This will show you exactly how to free up more time in your business and your life.

This program is no longer available to buy but it can save you hours each and every week so it will give you back hours and hours of your time (it’s value for you can easily be hundreds or thousands!)

This was part of a package worth $497 so it’s valued at $147 – but yours absolutely free when you attend.

Valued at $147

Bonus #3 – The answer to Your Burning Question

This last bonus is MASSIVE, and in fact this bonus alone is going to more than pay for your ticket price.  During the event you will get the opportunity to ask us Your Burning Question.  What question can we answer for you that will totally transform your business?

We have clients that join our Kaizen Inner Circle webinars every week just to be able to get one on one access to us and ask us their burning question.   The Inner Circle is a $2k / month investment so this is a massive bonus for you!

Valued at $250

That is a total value from just the bonuses alone of $897!

This event is for you if:

  • You want more freedom from your business so that you can spend more time with your family, friends and doing what you love
  • You want to make more money in your business, but are struggling to see how
  • You want to work smarter in your business instead of harder

So if you know this event is right for you, don’t delay, grab your spot now, as I know that this will sell out fast with such limited spaces.


Your No-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee

To be really up-front and clear with you, if you are not happy then we don’t want your money.

We are always striving for excellence, and don’t want to be selling anybody something that they don’t want. We want you to be 100% happy.

So if you find that this event isn’t right for you, for whatever reason, then just let us know by the start of the afternoon tea break that you are not happy and we will completely refund your money.

We really couldn’t make it any fairer than that could we?

Here is what some people have said at one of our past events:

So now you have a choice … do you decide to step up and come to the event and take your business and your life in your own hands, or do you click the close button and go back to your current life and business?

I know if you are still reading this then it is time for a change for you, now is the time to take a leap of faith and get to the Business Breakthrough Intensive event.

Click the Add to Cart button below right now and I will see you at the event!

Here’s to your amazing business!

Andrew Baird

P.S. Remember that there are only 30 spots available to this exclusive event and it will sell out, so if you want to make more money in your business this year, work less and gain back your life, then grab your ticket right now.

P.P.S The special Early Bird Price of $247 is not going to last so grab your ticket now.