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Training #4

Business Model

Welcome to the next Profits Pyramid Trainings!  In these videos we are covering the very important area of Business Model – how your business is structured and how to leverage your business.  If you don’t have this area set up right then it could cause you to constantly struggle and work way harder than you need to.  Make sure you watch all of these trainings.  Enjoy!

Video 1 ~ Introduction

[jwplayer mediaid=”3950″]


Video 2 ~ Nexus Between YOU and the Market

[jwplayer mediaid=”3951″]


Video 3 ~ The Numbers

[jwplayer mediaid=”3952″]


Video 4 ~ Business Cash Blueprints

[jwplayer mediaid=”3954″]


To Download the Action Guide for this week Click Here

Bonus Trainings

The following are bonus trainings.  Please only watch them if you need more indepth help with these particular areas in your business.

  • USD – In order to distinguish yourself in the marketplace, charge more, and get more clients you need to work out and get clear on your USD. Click here to watch this training
  • Partnering – This is a very fast and effective way to increase your profits and grow your business as long as you do it right!  Click here to watch this training
  • ABC Clients – You have 3 important types of clients!  Watch this training to find out about A, B and C clients and how you can make your life a lot easier with less stress and actually make a lot more money!  Click here to watch this training