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Now get your hands on that amazing prize!

On the webinar we will be giving away an absolutely phenomenal prize. It is a 90 minute, one-on-one coaching strategy session with both of us (Andrew and Kim). This can be in person if you are in Auckland or over the phone if you are out of Auckland or just prefer a phone session.  During the session we will go in-depth with you on how you can specifically get more clients in your business and lay out a step by step plan of how you will achieve it.

This amazing prize is worth a whooping $697 (and I can’t actually believe we are giving this away!).  It is actually worth more than that, because if you go out and implement the plan you can be enjoying a flood of new clients and a nice boost in profits!

To enter the draw

  • Simply let people know about the webinar!
  • When your friends sign up, they will enter your name in the registration form
  • Each and every person you refer gives you an entry into the draw for this amazing prize (the more people you get the more chances you have to win)
  • Be on the webinar.  Only those that attend the live webinar can win the prize, so make sure you are there
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Thanks for being part of the competition.  It will only take a minute to spread the word about this webinar and you could win that amazing prize worth $697.