5 Killer Sales Strategies to Totally Rock Your Business in 2013

Wednesday 23rd January 2013 – 8pm NZ – 6pm NSW/VIC – 5pm QLD

By far the most important skill you can have in business is the ability to sell your products and services.  Without sales and therefore clients, you simply do not have a business.

In this webinar Andrew and Kim Baird will reveal 5 of their top killer sales strategies so that you can totally rock 2013 and get more clients to make 2013 your best year yet!

Join us for this live and interactive 90 minute webinar, where you will be able to ask Andrew and Kim specific questions about your business.

Here’s what you’ll discover on the webinar:

  • The 1 thing that you must do before even trying to sell to any prospect.  Without knowing this you are wasting time and money and will rarely make sales
  • The biggest mistake business owners make around sales – 97% of business owners that I talk to make this simple mistake!
  • 5 simple yet extremely effective strategies to start the sales flowing in with ease 
  • One simple strategy to get more sales (that resulted in one of our clients making $20,000 in 2 weeks after I gave her the step by step formula to do it)
  • How making a small shift in the way you think about sales is actually one of the easiest ways to make more.  We will show you how you can use it to make a lot more money.
  • And much more…

There IS a Catch Though

And here it is….. This webinar is going to be LIVE and INTERACTIVE and there is going to be NO RECORDING released afterwards.  That’s right, you have to be on the LIVE webinar to get access to this vital business information.

We always get bombarded with requests after our webinars from people asking for a recording because they hear from the attendees how valuable the webinar was (yes it’s not just one big sales pitch – we provide real valuable strategies on our webinars that you can take away and implement the very next day!).

And I always feel bad cause we don’t send out recordings afterwards for any of our free public webinars….So this is your warning, because there will be NO RECORDING.  Be on the live webinar or miss out.

BUT Before You Sign Up … Read This First

Look to be completely honest this webinar is not for everyone.  We’ve helped hundreds of business owners this year alone to transform their businesses, but we are not offering a MAGIC BUTTON solution here.

This information is powerful, but absolutely useless to you unless you are willing to go out, take action and implement it.

So if you are not committed to your business and are looking for the easy solution with no action required where money pours into your bank account with no work, then please don’t waste your time, do not register for this webinar.

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