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What Was Missing…

(And Why this Holds Massive Value For You!)

Missing Puzzle Piece

Last week we held our amazing live event on how to make more, work less and live more!  Everyone had a great time and we received some fantastic feedback, so thank you to everyone who attended.  

It made me realise something though, although we got great feedback and people were going out to take action – there was something wrong…

A Critical piece of the puzzle was missing

I'm going to reveal that missing piece shortly, but first I'm going to show you 5 business boosters – if you want better results then these can help you:

1. Time

If you're struggling in your business this is often the #1 reason, you're caught in the business, chasing up on clients, getting things done. Building your dream business will have to wait until next week (or next year). Without time to make the changes you need to, your business can't move forward.

Without time you can't have a break from the business (often required to get that breakthrough that blasts you to the next level). And without time you can't take advantage of new money making opportunities, they end up in the 'someday' box.

You must have time because it gets you the business you want.

2. Partners

You need the right partners in your business, not just inside it – but also outside. The right external partners gives you:

  • New customers – very powerfully because partners recommend you
  • Momentum (so you don't have to build it yourself)
  • More cash (without doing the work – they do it for you)
  • Leverage so that you're not having to do it all

It also gives you new opportunities from new ideas through to new relationships – more on this in a minute.

3. Marketing

You want marketing to bring you customers – because they give you money and keep your businesses wheels turning. If you're marketing right you get great customers and the cash keeps flowing, if your marketing is off you get no customers (or ones that drive you crazy!)

The right marketing brings customers to your door and pre-sells them so closing deals is easier.

excellent event a fantastic job and a very valuable and worthwhile session for me

4. Leverage

Did you know leverage can be set up both ways? So you can use leverage correctly and work less and make more OR you can set it in reverse so you're working harder to make less!  One key principle enables you to look at this very simply and define what's working, and what's not.

Often we think it's about doing more – but the trick is doing more with less, and I'll show you how you can get your hands on the formula for doing this.

5. Cash Business Model

Finally you want to have the right business model – one that produces cash. From collecting money as early as possible through to having healthy margins, a cash business model enables you to put money in your pocket at the end of the day.  Simple in theory, but is often tricky to get to happen in the real world.

Maybe you're looking for results like this in your business…

highly recommend you work with him business owner

Well that all sounds great BUT…

How on earth do you get this to happen in YOUR business?  That was the missing piece of the puzzle that came from our last event, you want something that hits these key points:

  • Real, Actionable and can be done Quickly
  • Specific detailed actions (tried & tested)  so it gets you results
  • Applicable to you and your business

Everyone was asking for more details and the first option was another live event, a one day or two day event BUT here's the problem… A lot of you (our customers) are outside Auckland (and outside NZ) and we don't want you to miss out! But we do want to retain the feeling of a live event. Getting together with like-minded people, being able to ask questions and get more details and specifics for you and your business.

To best serve all of you we've made this an online live webinar series – and yes it will be paid, BUT don't hit close on this page just yet because I'm going to show you why this is the most powerful set up to move your business forward and also how it's a no risk deal for you.

Why is it the most powerful?

Years ago I attended a course called Leverage and You – which spanned over 10 weeks, and each week you got a "homework" assignment (fun right!)  The way this was set up was SO Powerful, because it had you taking action every week (creating leverage) and had you building momentum (by taking consistent action).

So for this course we will be having action steps for each week – homework that you get to do – which is great because it's action that gets you the results you want.  Whether you want more new customers, or more time to spend with your kids.

How is this a no risk deal?

Guarantee Sign OrangeWe offer a 100% money back guarantee – at any point during the series! Just flick us an email and we'll refund your money instantly. If you have a reason we'd love to know it – we really do care about our customers and are always looking to improve. But it's not a requirement, so it's a 100% money back guarantee with no caveats, no "must take action, must jump through X & Y hoop"; simply let us know you want a refund and it's yours!

What's in it for you

First you get live webinars with me taking you through details on how to implement the five business boosters above.  A webinar is like a tele-conference or bridged line held on the internet – it also allows sharing my screen so you can see a presentation and I can answer your questions live online.

Second you get to ask questions immediately following the presentation so that I can clear up anything that you weren't sure of, or to go into more details on something specific.  This enables you to get the training customised to you personally – normally you'd pay $500 / hour to get personal advice like this (a big bonus for you, for free!)

You also get access to our membership site where you can access replays and downloads for each of the weeks training.  If you miss a webinar you can still watch or download the replay and still get access to all the powerful information.  Plus there will be quick start guides giving you the fastest ways to getting the business boosters working in your business.

Is that all??? 

Think about it for a minute, if you had more time (to spend with your family), had better partners for your business (to promote you, help you work less and send you great new customers), found your marketing producing real results – easier sales (you don't even have to sell them, it's all done for you), had more leverage in your business (so you finally felt that money wasn't connected to the time you have to spend working) and you had a better business model that meant you could sleep at night without waking up at 1am worried…

How would that make you feel?

Pretty good right?

But I don't want you to feel good, I want you to feel great.  So you'll also get a bonus webinar on Vision and having a plan for your business. This may not sound exciting, but trust me if you currently feeling stuck, like a mouse on a wheel going round and round and round then a plan to get you off it, and a vision so you feel motivated, engaged and ready to make the jump is exactly what you need.

Plus we've got a couple of secret bonuses, one is how to get better results online, and  the other will be created based on what you want. We don't just say we care what you say, we show it by asking you what you want and giving you that. If we're qualified we'll show you ourselves, and if we're not we'll bring in one of our expert partners to show you instead.

Is there a catch?

There is one catch, because this is the first time we're running this we have limited spots. At times we'll be working with you one on one so we really can only take a limited number.  We do have limited spots available so if you feel like maybe this is for you then consider it seriously before leaving this page. If you have any questions click here and give us a call now and we'll answer them for you.

So if you want a boost for your business in the second half of the year then jump in right now by clicking here. Remember you can take the business boosters above and implement them yourself – or you can have a team on your side, helping you to do it. If you want the fast track then take action by hitting the button below now:

You get all this for a one off payment that is equal to just $58.40 per week, I can only do this because it's run as an online event and you get access along with a group of other keen, going for it business owners.  If you wanted to do this one on one with me it would cost you in excess of $2000!  The goal of the series is to:

Boost Your Business in Just 5 Weeks

It adds leverage, gets you better marketing, shows you how to source and deal with better partners, how to have more free time and a better business model.  You get all this AND a money back guarantee so it's an absolutely risk free option for you – 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

You'll get me to answer your questions, making sure you know how you can do all of this in your business. I look forward to working with you all,

Andrew Baird

Andrew Baird.

P.S. To shift your business results you want to have something that keeps you on track, whether it's a business partner or mentor, mastermind group or coach. This keeps you moving forward and working on your business not just in your business, I'd love to have you on board and building your business more quickly.