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Client Attraction & Conversion Series

A Powerful, Advanced Training Series to Leverage You and Your Business.

Get More Leads, More Clients, More Easily

Would you like to leverage your marketing so that you are not constantly trying to find clients?  Or are you spending so much time qualifying and converting prospects into clients that you have no time to deliver on your products and services?  Then this powerful training series may be ideal for you.

Again and again we see business owners working too hard, for too little reward.  You deserve so much more!

So we have created a very powerful webinar training series where we will show you exactly how you can leverage your marketing & sales so that you can get more leads and more clients faster and easier than you are getting them now.

During this advanced training series we are going to help you to create an online marketing funnel to attract traffic, get prospects on your database, build relationships with your prospects and close sales in your business. 

What you get in the course

  • 4 x 90 minute advanced training webinars (run fortnightly for best results).  These are live and interactive webinars where you will be able to ask questions and get clarification on anything you need more explanation with
  • 4 x unlimited length question and answer webinars – yes that is right we will stay on the webinar until ALL questions are answered
  • The course is run over 8 weeks to give you the best results.  Consistent improvement working ON your business over an extended period of time is proven to get better results than 1 or 2 day courses.  We have structured this to get you the best results possible.

What we will cover in the course

The 4 training fortnightly training webinars will be packed with value and covering the following topics indepth:

  1. Identifying your Ideal Clients (so you can find and target them)
  2. Lead Magnet and Opt Ins (Giving them what they want and getting their details)
  3. Building Desire & Anticipation – Warming the relationship and getting them wanting your products or services
  4. Closing the deal, getting the sale and putting money in your pocket

We all love to get great value, so sign up for the Client Attraction and Conversion Series and get $922 worth of bonuses….ABSOLUTELY FREE!


As well as the amazing value that you will receive from the actual training course, you will also receive

  • A 45 minute, maximising your profits one-on-one phone strategy session with Andrew Baird  (worth $375)
  • A 45 minute, increasing your conversions  one-on-one phone strategy session with Kim Baird (worth $187)
  • The full Webinar Recordings & Step By Step Formulas (Worth $360)

Date and Timeframe

The webinar series will start on Tuesday 8th May 2012 and will run for 8 consecutive weeks.  The course is run over 8 weeks to give you the best results, as consistent improvement working ON your business over an extended period of time is proven to get better results than 1 or 2 day courses.  We have structured this to get you the best results possible.

Having the training webinars running fortnightly gives you plenty of time to absorb and implement the information, and then we are there to help you with any questions or road blocks that you have hit in the alternate weeks on the Q&A webinars.

Cost – Your Low Investment

We could easily charge $10,000 for this kind of advanced training course.  In fact if you wanted to get such advanced information from us one-on-one then it would be over $30,000 to do so.  We have personally paid over $10,000 for training courses that didn't even contain half of the value that we are packing into this course, but we are not going to charge anything like that.  Because we really want you to get the biggest return on your investment, so we have kept the price low for this limited introductory offer.

For the entire advanced training course we are charging a low price of just $1,200.  Or if you want a payment plan then you can pay in 3 monthly payments of $500 (totaling $1,500).

That is amazing value for what you are getting.  Remember that we regularly help our clients make thousands and even ten of thousands of dollars from the strategies and information that we give them.  So this is really a no-brainer.  Take action and sign up now.

Who are We?

Your presenters and trainers for the Client Attraction and Conversion series are husband and wife team, Andrew and Kim Baird.  Here's a bit more information about who we are:

Andrew Baird - Strategic Business Coach

Andrew Baird
Strategy Specialist and Business Guru

Andrew is passionate about helping business owners to create massive results in their business. For over 21 years he has been a student of what makes people successful and happy. However when he started in his first Business he found that he struggled and it almost went under. From then on he researched, mentored with and applied strategies from multi-millionaires and billionaires on how to create a business that makes great profits.

For Andrew the next step was to go out and help other business owners do what he had done. He has a keen analytical mind and can show you the strategies he believes can skyrocket your business profits.

He has already helped many clients to gain their life and their business back, helping them to work less and make more money.

For example, one client he helped to implement a strategy where all the hard work of selling a prospective client was done automatically and up front. 

This lead to her prospect being pre-sold of her services before she even met with him and once they did meet it was a matter of just signing on the dotted line because he was so keen to go with her. This was a $38,000 sale. It saved her a lot of time and energy from the sales process, and was something that she could replicate and use again and again to get new clients and save her time.

Kim Baird - Online Results Expert

Kim Baird
Online Results Expert 

Kim is an online results expert, and has gotten some amazing results for her clients with her wide experience and knowledge of online marketing and sales. Kim has a wide variety of strategies in her online toolbelt to help virtually any business get real results online.

Kim is also a very talented marketing expert. After studying the world’s leading Copywriters, Kim quickly discovered that she had a natural talent for writing marketing that sells. This talent has now turned into a massive passion for her and she loves helping businesses to create awesome marketing that brings in money quickly. She also has a natural talent for identifying opportunities within a business to quickly and easily tap into new income streams and create powerful alliances that save money and generate easy sales.

For example, she has helped a client recently to get nearly 60 new targeted leads for their business within a fortnight through their website.

Is This Just a Hype Filled Training Series, or Get Rich Quick Nonsense?

Absolutely not!  We are not promising any "magic bullet" answer here, or any get rich quick scheme.  This is a genuine, no B.S.  advanced business training series that is designed to get you better results in your business.  We will be giving you tried and tested information and strategies that absolutely work if they are implemented – we have seen it again and again in our own business, our clients businesses and our partners businesses.  

Look to be completely honest with you, if you are looking for that "magic button" for your business then this event is NOT for you.  You WILL need to do some work to implement the strategies and techniques that we will show you throughout the training series, so if you are not interested and committed to working on your business, then please don't sign up.

This advanced training is not for everyone!

This advanced training is for you if:

  • You are in a service based business: such as a lawyer, accountant, interior designer, consultant
  • You are a speaker, trainer, coach or author
  • You sell high priced services or products


Sign up for the Client Attraction and Conversion Series Now


Because this is one of our advanced trainings we want to make sure that it is right for you – as we don't want to be wasting your time or money.  So simply apply by filling out the form below and we will get back to you.  Just fill in the form now and we look forward to talking to you soon.

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