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We regularly get great feedback from our clients about how much we have helped them to create an amazing business and amazing life

Here are just a few business coaching reviews for you to check out …

Coaching & Mentoring

Any Time You Get a Chance to Work With Them, Seize It!

Amazing Business – they don’t just live up to their name, they zoom past it. Kim and Andrew have a unique mix of business savvy with a long-standing commitment to personal growth – their own and that of others. They deliver on both aspects in the kindest and most intelligent way. Any time you get a chance to work with them, seize it!

Clare Feeney
The Sustainability Strategist
Auckland | New Zealand

Image of Clare Feeney
Image of Dr. Sharon Walt

Coaching and Mentoring

Kim Baird is, by far, the best business coach that I’ve worked with

“Kim Baird is, by far, the best business coach that I’ve worked with.  She spent time understanding my business and my values – not trying to fit me into a template. She is definitely a ‘deep dive’ specialist.  We worked together intensively over 2-3 months developing my business strategy, ways to implement it, and helping me maintain a positive mindset.  In our very first meeting she suggested a change to my business structure that had an immediate effect.  The suggested automation saved me hours every week, removing one of my least favourite tasks.  The weekly meetings (and resulting ‘homework’) kept me focused, and created momentum – it was easy to see results.  I look forward to continuing my work with her.”

Sharon Walt
The Hashimoto’s Health Coach
Auckland | New Zealand

Image of Jennie Brown

Coaching and Mentoring

One idea quickly lead into $80k

“Andrew’s support and help have been invaluable on my journey from business idea to 6-figure business owner.  One idea quickly lead into $80k of new income and I highly recommend you work with him.”

Jennie Brown
International Speaker and Best Selling Author
Queensland | Australia

Online Programs

My Life Has Changed Dramatically

“I have found the Awaken Your Inner Game program to be amazingly transformational – more than any one thing I have ever done before (and I have done a LOT). My life has changed dramatically since beginning the program, I am a different person now to when I started. I could never have imagined the impact this would have on my life or the transformation which is ongoing and still unfolding. The support I have received from Kim throughout has been invaluable, I would highly recommend this program to anybody wanting to make changes in their lives. Throw yourself in, commit fully, enjoy the ride and you will see big results.”

Fi Saunders
Queensland | Australia

Image of Fi Saunders
Image of Peter Stone

Coaching & Mentoring

Potentially add $80k – $220k in additional profit

“One suggestion for a business deal I was working on meant I could potentially add $80k to $220k in additional profit – Andrew is the go to guy if you want help strategically growing your business.”

Peter Stone
Melbourne | Australia

Live Events & Workshops

Cuts straight through to the critical issues

“Andrew’s individual attention to my actual business needs was gratefully received.  His ability to cut straight through to the critical issues in my business were amazing.  I came away from the weekend  with increased enthusiasm for business, a weekly work plan, an annual work plan and many concrete ideas to implement immediately.”

Helen Hancox
Flying Filing Squad
Wellington | New Zealand

Image of Helen Hancox
Image of David Hall

Coaching & Mentoring

Has My Highest Recommendation

“After working with you over many years and seeing first hand the massive results you get for your clients, I can honestly say you’re One in a Million.  Anyone thinking about working with you has my highest recommendation.”

David Hall
The Business Mentor
Sydney | Australia

Live Events & Workshops

The 3 Most Important Days of My Business Ownership Journey

“I came to this event blind, I knew nothing of Kim and Andrew prior.  I have to admit I had high hopes but low expectations. It turned out these have probably been the 3 most important days of my business ownership journey to date. I cannot recommend their events highly enough.”

Helen Smuts-Kennedy
Safety In Mind
Whangarei | NZ

Live Events & Workshops

Always Very Forthcoming with Knowledge and Answers

“It was great to participate in this workshop to remind me to restart taking an active part in my social media marketing. Great updates about the various changes that have taken place to hlep bring me back up to speed.  Kim and Andrew are always very forthcoming with knowledge and answers to queries from the participants.”

Tina Webb
Home Link Finance
Auckland | NZ

Image of Tony Frith

Live Events & Workshops

Would recommend them to anyone developing a business

“Kim is a partner in Amazing Business and her input shows through in the high standards set and maintained, especially the small things which make such a difference.  I got a lot out of the workshops I have done with Andrew and Kim and would recommend them to anyone developing a business.”

Tony Frith
Holistic animal wellness consultant
Auckland | New Zealand

Live Events & Workshops

We Can Focus on the Important Things

“I love the way that Kim and Andrew put everything in such a way that we can focus on the important things in our business.  It has been so clear in the way that it was set out the presentation was superb so thank you both so much.”

Judith Paterson
Positive Life Balance
Auckland | New Zealand

Live Events & Workshops

I Now Have the Strategies to Change My Game

“I have realised through Andrew and Kim’s workshop that many of my business blocks were my own personal blocks.  I now have the strategies to change my game.  Thanks for the time, effort, love, preparation and energy you have put into this.”

Leanne Seniloli
Without Limits Learning
Auckland | New Zealand

Live Events & Workshops

I am Buzzing with all the amazing potential

I am buzzing with all the amazing potential that I can see for my business from all the skills that I have learned at this workshop.  Thank you so much Andrew and Kim

Virin Gomber
Mindful Solutions
New Zealand

Coaching & Mentoring

Five new leads in one week

“A few tips from Andrew on ways that I can better structure my marketing package for my business lead to five new leads in one week.  These leads have been converted into long term customers and will no doubt generate me thousands of dollars in sales over the next few years.  Thanks heaps.”

Anthony Finocchiaro
Stone Importer ~ Macrostone

NSW | Australia

Coaching & Mentoring

Amazing Ability to See What Needs to Be Done Next

“Kim has an amazing ability to see exactly what needs to be done next and communicate it in an easy to understand way.”

Warren Denley
DIY Website Coach

Coaching & Mentoring

Advice is Practical

“Just what I needed to get some clarity and direction over the online strategy for my business.  Kim’s advice is practical and her communication style is relaxed, friendly and easy to understand.  I highly recommend Kim.”

Amanda Inskeep
NZ Nutrition
Auckland | New Zealand


Practical Tips to ensure we would be successful

“Family Planning recently began a small-scale Facebook advertising campaign.  This was our first venture into Facebook advertising and Amazing Business were very helpful to us throughout this process.  Their webinar provided us with the information we needed to start our advertising and also gave us very practical tips to ensure we would be successful.  They also provided very useful follow-up support.  We are pleased we selected Amazing Business to us with our first online marketing campaign.”

Frances Bird
Director, Family Planning
Wellington | New Zealand


Fabulous Tips That I Can Apply and Use Straight Away

“Was absolutely fantastic.  I got some really fabulous tips that I can apply and use straight away.  The presentation was really easy to listen to and both presenters were easy to understand and were using language that I understood.  Thanks Amazing Business.”

Maree Turner
Auckland | New Zealand


Very Valuable and Worthwhile

“What an excellent event.  It certainly made me aware of the habits that I have slipped into with business, especially around areas such as advertising.  I will be focusing on reworking some ads straight away with the powerful information that I learnt.  I thought you did a fantastic job and it was a very valuable and worthwhile session for me.  Thank you.”

Sally Breed
IT @ Work Recruitment
Auckland | New Zealand

Testimonials and reviews found on this site are examples of what some of our clients have achieved, and what people have said about us.
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