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Discover the Simple 3 Step Formula to Creating Highly Converting Webinars

(Allowing you to add Leverage and Momentum to Your Business)

If you’re suffering from low conversions online, or simply had enough of selling one to one, then webinars may be your perfect solution. In a minute I’ll show you my simple 3 step formula to creating webinars that generate sales for your Service or Consulting Business. But first why are webinars are so powerful?

  • They allow you to sell to a global audience (They’ve created clients for our business from Australia to Cambodia and even Japan)
  • You can grow your business rapidly by generating thousands from just one webinar
  • The conversion rates can be astonishingly high (We often convert 10 – 20% of attendees, and you can even get conversions as high as 50%!)
  • They generate massive engagement and BUZZ around you and your business

What are webinars???? If you’re not familiar with webinars they’re an online seminar, with audio and usually video and/or Powerpoint slides with the presentation.
The name comes from WEB + SEMINAR = WEBINAR
. Basically an offline event run online :-).

Which all sounds great BUT there are a number of problems with Webinars

First there’s the technical challenges: What software do I run my webinars on? How do I get people to opt in? How can I make a recording? How do I create slides?

But these are easily solved with the right guide to sorting the technology for webinars – more on how to get ours 100% free (really nothing to buy) in a minute.

Next there is the Fear Factor: What will I speak on? Will people listen to me? How do I structure my presentation? Will people buy what I have to sell?

Again these can be solved by having the guide to creating great content and structuring a webinar to Convert and Sell.

Introducing the Simple 3 Step Formula to Highly Converting Webinars

Hi my name is Andrew Baird, over the past four years my wife Kim and I have been running Webinars online. We’ve lost count of the number of webinars we’ve run,
but I can tell you that this year alone I’ve recorded 44 webinars (just this year!) – so we’ve run A LOT of webinars.

That experience has taught us HEAPS about what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to webinars. Essentially the key pieces you must have in place to get results.

The results we’ve created using webinars have been great, we’ve used them to create ongoing monthly revenue in our business (totally awesome to start the month with money coming in instead of having to always go out to generate it), sell tickets to our live events, and even create thousands of dollars in income in just 83 minutes.

Even cooler than that we’ve also helped clients create webinars that convert, we helped one of our clients create a webinar that put an extra AUD41,500 in income in her business
over a 1 year period. Which is pretty amazing for something that took less than 4 hours for her to create!

Highly Converting Webinars Step #1: Attract

First you have to attract the right people to your webinar – and more than attract them you have to make it like Bees to Honey, they have to be FIRED up about attending your webinar.

You cannot have a boring (ho-hum) webinar. People can easily stay home and watch Game of Thrones or go out drinking beer instead of being on your webinar.

Now I’m half joking here, but think about it – how many high priority things do you have grabbing for your attention? You have your business, your mates, your family (wife and kids if you have them.) There’s a lot of different ways you can choose to spend your time, so your webinar HAS to have attraction and pull factor to it.

This is often called your Hook or Lead Magnet – it’s the KEY TAKEAWAY that someone gets from coming to your webinar. What do they learn? What will they take away with them that makes their life better than it was before your webinar.

Once you have what you are going to use to Attract your potential clients, the next step is to create an Opt In Page. You’ve probably seen one of these before, it’s a page where you tell someone about your webinar, what they’ll learn, when it is on, and you ask them to enter their name and details to attend.

Starting to freak out? Please don’t – this stuff does not have to be hard or technical, even though we used to run a web development business we don’t handle creating those pages using freaky code n stuff, we simply use a tool that creates all the webby goodness for us (more on the tools we use shortly.)

Then you drive traffic to your Opt In Page to get people to register for your webinar. There’s lots of ways to drive traffic, you can:

  • Send Emails
  • Run Facebook Ads
  • Create Post on LinkedIn
  • Write Blog Posts

All of which should have a link to your Opt In Page to drive traffic from those platforms to your Opt In.

Traffic is something that people can get confused and tied up in knots about – but you really don’t have to. All you have to know is where do your clients hang out online, are they on LinkedIn, are they on Facebook, where are they going online? Then once you work out where they are online, that’s where you post links back to your Webinar.

Highly Converting Webinars Step #2: Wow

Once you have your potential clients on the webinar, the next thing you have to do is Wow them. Now don’t freak out here because I’m going to give you the 2 factors that create a Wow experience, but first I want you to think about it for a minute.

If you want someone to buy what you offer they have to believe that you can help them. Whether it’s coaching or consulting or professional services, they have to believe that YOU know what you’re talking about, that you’re the go to expert that they can rely on and that they should hire you.

Wowing them on a webinar creates this trust, creates this belief – and helps create the sale.

(It also does a lot of other cool things, like people raving about you and your business, which is always good for referrals and even people ringing you up and asking “Can I promote your business”, I can still remember Kim’s happy dance as she was buzzing out over that phone message!)

** Maybe: This is particularly crucial if you’re like us and you sell high ticket items and you have to really shift people emotionally to help them make the decision to buy. **

Wow Factor #1: Your Presentation Demonstrating True Value To create that Wow Factor your webinar must deliver true value to them, so it must teach them things that they don’t know. Most people assume they know how to solve their problems, when often they actually don’t – what they think is the problem is not the actual problem.

Of course you can’t simply tell most people this. They’ll get annoyed and whack you one, or in this case simply leave the webinar!

But there is simple solution to generating Wow Factor #1:

Client Stories and Case Studies

These are one of your most powerful assets in generating Wow Factor and even personal breakthroughs and “Aha” moments in attendees. Here’s why they work soooo powerfully:

  • No one feels like you’re attacking them – it’s a story about someone else!
  • The story reveals TRUTHS that they don’t realise – and don’t have to go through the pain of experiencing
  • It shows “real world” results that your clients get from working with you, but it is done in a way that is a lesson for the webinar attendees instead of you blowing your own horn about how great you are!

Now this strategy is so powerful it actually generates both Wow Factors at the same time! So this is the perfect time to introduce factor #2:

Wow Factor #2: Engagement and Attendee Breakthroughs

Client Stories and case studies help engage people, especially when you make the stories very real because people identify with the people in the story and think: they’re just like me. It also can create attendee breakthroughs as they realise where they’re getting in their own way – and they didn’t even know it.

Telling stories is a super powerful engagement tool, but they don’t have to just be about clients, they can also be about you. Now this probably sounds odd (and maybe even a little ego based) but stories when used right are super engaging and powerful:

“Your story is so powerful and it really spoke to me”

I was catching up over lunch in a crowded Ponsonby cafe with a potential client when those words popped out of her mouth. She had attended my webinar the week before but I was stunned because it was not a story I thought would resonate with her because it was a story of when we were really struggling, and there literally was no food in the chipped brown cupboards of our rented flat.

But that’s the power of a story – when it’s truthful and told well – with a lesson and meaning wrapped up in it.

So using Personal Stories is one of our key secrets to keeping engagement and breakthroughs, some of the other ways you can do it are:

  • Tools and Techniques: We’ve told people about FREE online software on our webinars, and they won’t stop raving about it (we’re not even the ones giving it away!)
  • PDFs and Bonus Trainings: We give away bonuses on our webinars during the training
  • Ask Questions and Get Attendees to Take Action: We ask people to play along with us on our webinars, answer questions, and work out amounts in their business