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Are You Ready to Transform Your Business?

It’s Time to Open the Floodgates and Massively Grow Your Business Using the Power of Webinars

Get More Clients | Expand Your Exposure | Grow a Loyal Following | Transform Your Business

More Business, More ClientsIf you want to make more money in your business, help more people by getting your products and services out there, and grow your business all by using the leveraged marketing strategy of running effective webinars then our Brand New Webinar Masterclass is for you.

The powerful Webinar Masterclass Program gives you all that you need to know to run webinars effectively and successfully in your business.

Here’s why webinars are so powerful….

  • They allow you to sell to a global audience (They’ve created clients for our business from Australia to Cambodia and even Japan)
  • You can grow your business rapidly by generating thousands from just one webinar
  • The conversion rates can be astonishingly high (We often convert 10 – 20% of attendees, and you can even get conversions as high as 50%!)
  • They generate massive engagement and BUZZ around you and your business

We’ve spent the last 4 years running webinars in our business and we can honesty say that there is a lot more to them than you might think to getting them right.  We’ve learnt the hard way and spent so much time and money working out how to get them right, and we want to help you to avoid having to go through the pain and frustration that we went through.

We’ve honestly lost count of the number of webinars we’ve run, but I can tell you that this year alone we’ve recorded 48 webinars (just this year!) – so we’ve run A LOT of webinars! That experience has taught us HEAPS about what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to webinars. Essentially the key pieces you must have in place to get results.

The results we’ve created using webinars has been pretty amazing – we’ve used them to create ongoing monthly revenue in our business (totally awesome to start the month with money coming in instead of having to always go out to generate it), we’ve sold tickets to our live events, and even create thousands of dollars in income in just 83 minutes.

Even cooler than that we’ve also helped clients create webinars that convert.  We helped one of our clients create a webinar that put an extra AUD41,500 in income in her business over a 1 year period. Which is pretty amazing for something that took less than 4 hours for her to create! So with all of this experience over the years we have developed a very effective 3 step formula to creating highly converting webinars that not only get more clients but also help to grow a business massively – Allowing you to add Leverage and Momentum to Your Business.

Frustrated at lack of results with webinars?If you’re suffering from low conversions online, or simply had enough of selling one to one, then webinars may be the perfect solution for your business.  And if you have tried to run webinars before and it didn’t work as well as you were expecting and left you completely frustrated at the lack of results it produced then our Webinar Masterclass is for you.

Here’s what you get in the Webinar Masterclass Program….

  • Our complete 3 Step Formula for running highly converting webinars (Attract –> WOW –> Convert) – We go indepth into the formula to give you everything that you need know to plan, create and run webinars that have targeted prospects for your business not only showing up but also engaging and buying from your webinars
  • 12 Weeks of Video Trainings and bonus trainings – plus time in between to implement
  • PDF Action Guides taking you through the 3 step process to getting more clients – These are practical action guides that are designed to get you in action and implementing what we teach you so that you can go out and start making webinars work for your business
  • Plus the most valuable part of the program is you get 3 x personal 1-on-1 phone calls with either Andrew or Kim to give you specific help getting everything planned and implemented correctly

Packed with Bonus Gifts!Then we have some MASSIVE bonuses for you as part of the program….

BONUS #1   |   3 Months access to our exclusive Kaizen Inner circle weekly webinars These are webinars that happen every week and are only available for our high end clients.  During these you can ask questions and get support from us. These are part of our $2k/month coaching program, and you get this as a massive bonus as part of the Webinar Masterclass program

BONUS #2   |   The 14 Influence Factors These are the factors we use to INFLUENCE those around us to move forward and take action.  Whether that action is to register for a webinar, or purchase one of our programs. If you are missing any of these Influence factors then you are LEAVING money on the table – not just in webinars, but right across your whole business.  These are easily worth $2000 although for most businesses they are worth significantly more and we are giving you these influence factors absolutely free to those that are part of the Masterclass.

BONUS #3   |   Facebook Ad Secrets We’re also going to be including our secrets to getting more ENGAGEMENT and more RESULTS from Facebook Ads.  These are the tricks that you need to REDUCE your cost for ads, as well as HOW to target your ideal clients, and some of these are NOT what you’d expect at all.  In fact when I share with people HOW we target our clients, they are very very surprised at how we go about it – it’s a totally legitimate strategy and very powerful.  You can spend hundreds or thousands on Facebook Ads trainings, these will save you money and are worth $297

BONUS #4   |   Content Creation Guide This is something we’ve never released before, but we’ll be showing you how to slice and cut up your content.  This is invaluable because it shows you how to share enough of the webinar that you wow and amaze people (there’s nothing worse than having people turn up and feel that they haven’t got value) but still lets you have MORE to offer so that they BUY what you have to offer.  If you struggle with “what do I tell them, versus what don’t I?” this is exactly what you need to solve that problem, its value is $997

BONUS #5   |   Email Templates Now I know one of the biggest problems people have is writing the emails and content. We want to make this as easy as possible for you, so we’re going to give you our templates for Pre Webinar and Post Webinar follow up.  This allows you to COPY and PASTE and get up and running faster – with less work.  Value $397

BONUS #6   |   Client Avatar Identification Identifying you Ideal Client Avatar, this is something that people don’t even think about when they run webinars, but it is CRUCIAL to get this sorted so that you can run an effective webinar that gets sales.  Value $497

BONUS #7   |   Complete Checklists Plus we are going to give you complete checklists to make things so easy – including our super useful Complete Webinar Checklist that is vital to make sure that nothing gets missed before, during  or after the webinar to ensure you maximise your webinars and maximise the impact and conversions you can get from your webinars. And wait for it….. We’ve gone a little crazy and added a massive BONUS that we have never offered before for any of our programs.


Writing-circleYou get a 1 Day IMPLEMENTATION DAY absolutely free as a bonus when you join the program!  This is crazy to be included in the program, but we really want to make sure that you get results and so we have are doing something that we have never done before and added this 1 day implementation day to the program as a free bonus. We will run 2 of these days and you can choose which one you want to attend – a live day in Auckland, New Zealand, or a virtual day online if you can’t make the live day in Auckland.

During this implementation day it is all about you taking action, getting stuff done and implementing the strategies that we have taught you during the program.  We will be there to help and support you in any way that you need to get things done and get your webinar up and out to the world. This is a massive bonus and is valued at $1,497

Your Super Low Special Webinar Price is just $4,497 (Normally $6,497)

This is a low investment for a 12 week indepth training and one-on-one support that you are getting.  Even better you could make that investment back after just your first webinar!

If you are ready to take your business to the next level using effective webinars to grow your business and get new clients then join us for the program.

Webinar Masterclass starts on Monday 17th November

Spaces are limited due to the support that we are giving you during the program.  So if you know that this is going to benefit your business, then sign up now.  We look forward to working with you.

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If you are ready to take your business to the next level using effective webinars to grow your business and get new clients then join us for the program.

Spaces are limited due to the support that we are giving you during the program.  So if you know that this is going to benefit your business, then sign up now.  We look forward to working with you.

Your Super Low Special Webinar Price is just $4,497 (Normally $6,497)

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