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Training #6


Welcome to the next Profits Pyramid Trainings!  In these videos we are covering the crucial area of Sales – all about getting prospects across the line and turning them into paying clients.  If you don’t have this area set up right then it could cause you to struggle and go out of business if you can’t get enough clients.  Enjoy!

Video 1 ~ Introduction and Sales Mindset

[jwplayer mediaid=”4062″]


Video 2a ~ The 7 Step Sales Process (Step 1 – 4)

[jwplayer mediaid=”4063″]


Video 2b ~ The 7 Step Sales Process (Step 5 – 7)

[jwplayer mediaid=”4064″]


Video 3 ~ Online Sales Strategies

[jwplayer mediaid=”4065″]


Video 4 ~ Turbo Boosting Sales Tips

[jwplayer mediaid=”4066″]


To Download the Action Guide for this week Click Here