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Transformational 1:1 business coaching for small business owners

Get effective business strategies plus transformational mindset and marketing coaching to grow and streamline your business.

Image of Kim Baird - Business Coach and marketing specialist

Kim Baird – Business Coach, mindset and marketing specialist

Kia ora! I’m Kim Baird. I’ve been in business for 21 years now so I get how challenging running and growing a business can be. There are so many balls to juggle, so many responsibilities that can feel overwhelming and it can be a lonely and tiring journey.

It often isn’t anything like we thought it would be when we set out to start a business!

Having clarity is paramount. So is having a plan to get the results that are important to you. Having the right skills to market your business effectively is essential and having someone help you navigate the mental rollercoaster that usually comes with owning a business is invaluable.

That’s where I can help. Most of my clients need help in one or more of these areas:

  • Get unstuck or beyond the plateau they have hit to move the business forward again
  • Clarity on where to take the business and what the best actions are going forward
  • Effective business strategies to fill the missing gaps, take advantage of opportunities and get the business thriving
  • Marketing and sales skills to bring in new clients and customers to the business
  • Inner game and mindset help to move through mental blocks and get results faster and easier
  • Streamlining strategies to make the business simpler and more efficient
  • A sounding board with a trusted advisor

If you are a solopreneur or small business owner and want support in any (or multiple) of those areas, then take a look at my business coaching services on our Work With Us page or sign up for the free video training below.

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