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Meditation Vault

Welcome to the meditation vault.  Here you will find meditation and energy clearing audio’s that you use on a daily basis if you want.  Listen ans use them daily, or just when you need it.  You can download these audio’s and listen to them on any of your devices that can play mp3 files so you can use them at your convenience.  More meditations will be added over time.

NOTE:  DO NOT listen to these while you are driving or operating machinery.  They are designed for you to do them while sitting in a comfortable place, without distractions.

Meditation #1 ~ Cleanse, Heal and Release Tension

In this meditation your energy field and chakras (energy centres in your body) are cleared, opened and healed.  This is a great relaxing, renewing and healing meditation.

Click Here to Listen

(Right click on the link and choose “Save As” to download)