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Training #5

Setting Up Your Webinar

Getting Into All the Technical Stuff!

These trainings and videos are all about setting up your webinar and getting into all the technical stuff to ensure that you have a sign up page and a webinar platform to run your webinar on.  We’ve broken this down to make it really simple and straightforward for you even if you are not strong with technology!

[NOTE] There is no worksheet to complete this week, this week is hands on getting into setting up the webinar so that you can start to market and promote it!

Members-WebinarMasterclass-Training5-1The Different Components of a Webinar

Once you decide to run a webinar is can get really confusing how everything fits together and relates, so here is a simple video to show you how the technology all fits together and relates to one another.

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Picking The Date of Your Webinar

When should you schedule your webinar for?  How far before the webinar should you set the date and what are the best days and times to run a webinar?

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Members-WebinarMasterclass-Training5-3Webinar Set Up Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of the set up of an actual webinar to show you exactly how to do and what you need to know.

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Members-WebinarMasterclass-Training5-4Tech Cheat Sheet

Don’t know what technology to use?  What do you absolutely need and what is just a nice extra?  Save yourself hours of research, frustrations and time with this quick and easy reference guide of the technology of what we use and recommend and some alternatives if you want to use something different.

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Members-WebinarMasterclass-Training5-5Set Up Trainings

Here’s some handy training videos to show you exactly how to set up and do specific things when preparing to run webinars.

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