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Want To Create More Influence So You Have Greater Impact?

Discover the 14 Influence Factors and the powerful psychological triggers you can use
to get more clients, help more people, get massive exposure and increase your business profits

Having influence is a crucial part of owning and growing a successful business that is thriving.  It allows you to drive change, have a greater impact, build successful teams and create what is important to you in life.  Without influence it is hard to make things happen in your life; big or small, because so much of what you want to create is going to be reliant on your influence towards other people…. whether that is to create a better environment at home with your family, or to build a thriving and successful business that is making a difference in the world.  You need people to get on board with your vision, your ideas, your opinions in order to create the change that you want.  Without any ability to influence others you will likely be at the mercy of a medicore life that you don’t have any control over.


Introducing ’14 Influence Factors’ Training

After being in business for over 15 years, I’ve seen the direct benefits that becoming a better influencer can provide.  After that long in business, and being trained by some of the top influencers in the world, I have discovered 14 very powerful influence factors that can make all the difference to your success.  So I have turned these powerful influence factors into a fully comprehensive and indepth training that you can now use to move your business and your life forward by gaining more influence; whether with prospects, clients, other leaders in your industry or anyone that you want to have more influence over.

There is nothing held back in this training, this is a fully comprehensive training that you can watch, use and start getting results with immediately.

The training contains over 3 hours of pure, profound content that you can use and implement in your business  to get massive results.

Here’s what you get in the training…

Over 3 hours of powerful online video trainings (all about Influence) that you can use and implement in your business to get massive results
A training book that contains the information in the videos in written form (for those that would prefer to read than watch)
Quick reference guides and checklists to use to help you implement the strategies into your life and business
Client Avatar Identification Exercise – so that you can have a greater influence on the ideal clients that you want to attract to your business

Now Let Me Be Clear Here…

I am not condoning the use of this information for immoral or unethical behaviour.  The information, trainings and strategies that we provide are powerful and create amazing results, but should always be used with the best interests of people and the planet in mind.  This product is for people that want to create a greater POSITIVE impact in the world and in their own lives.  We are about creating Win-Win opportunities where everyone involved wins.  Please DO NOT use this information and training to manipulate other people and create win-lose situations.

Let’s raise the business world up!

Business is a powerful vehicle that can create so much good in this world.  Yes, there are people and corporations that give the business world a bad rap, but most business owners are in it for the right reasons and are here to do good and build successful businesses.  Businesses help our economy, they provide jobs, they provide much needed products and services that help people every day, so why not help and support the business owners to do more great work in the world, and being influential is going to help that happen.

You know, we business owners take many risks in life.  We hold a lot of responsibility and we hold a lot of power as well.  Let’s use that power for good and create businesses that are here to lift the business world up and the world up as well.  I’m sure your products and services help people in one way or another, so by increasing your influence you will be able to get your products and services out to more people.

Here’s what having more influence could do for you…

Get you more clients and increase your business profits
Stand out more in a noisy world to get your business, products and services out way more to the world
Create high quality connections with other influential leaders that could lead to collaborations and powerful joint ventures
Have better more meaningful relationships with your business associates and network
Create a happier, more satisfied and uplifted team which in turn will lead to a more thriving business all round

Are you ready to have more influence and create a greater impact?

If you are, then come join me on this powerful training.  Once you sign up you can watch the trainings at your own pace and in your own time.  They are all online and are accessible when it suits you.  You can watch all the trainings in one sitting, or spread them out to fit into your busy schedule.  It is entirely up to you!

Sign up now and become more influential in your business and life!

You get the entire training for a low investment of just $197

(Seriously, this training could make you thousands more in your business in just a few weeks!)


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