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Finally!  Get Real Online Results
for Your Business.


I see it all the time – a business decides to get online to make more money.  

They see the potential of how much leverage it can provide for their business, and they go out and spend a small fortune on a flashy website that "looks" professional and amazing.  Then they sit back and wait for the flood of customers to come, only to find that after months of waiting, their website is bringing in little or no new clients for them.

This scenario is so common on the internet, and it just does not have to be that way.  There is also an overwhelming amount of information on the internet of what you should and shouldn't do to make a website successful that it can be really frustrating and daunting for businesses to know what to do and what will really work for them.  We make it really easy and simple for businesses to get results online, and take away all that stress and frustration for them.

At Amazing Business, we have extensive knowledge online.  With well over 10 years of experience developing websites, we have developed our fair share of failure websites – some were real bad!  But because of those failures, we did extensive research and testing to find out what works online and what doesn't.  

In fact we are still constantly researching and testing today, as things change so fast on the internet that it is important to know what is working right now.

Unlike most website designers, developers and online experts, we are very unique, because we not only have the extensive technical knowledge and skills, but we also have over 8 years of marketing and sales experience behind us.  Marketing and sales are key components to your online success so it is important to work these into your online strategies.

Our online result services are always focused on making more profit for your business, and leveraging your business so that you can work less. 



Some of the Services that we provide to get you Results Online are:

Review of your current Website and Online Strategies

Website Coaching and Consultations to give you the information that you need to know to get results online.

Website Design and Website Development to create you a website that converts and brings you new leads and new customers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Keyword Research, SEO Strategy Plans and Packages, to get you ranking high in the search engines for free traffic for your site

Sales Funnel set up and testing – to attract more leads, and convert them into buying customers for your business

Complete Online Results Management so that you don't need to worry and stress about what to do next to increase your results online. We will manage your entire online presence each month for you. Management packages are all customized to each of our clients depending on their requirements and budgets. This can include everything from updating your website, managing your Social Media presence, setting up new sales and marketing funnels, improving your SEO results.


Call us now on 09 889 3097 (Within New Zealand) or 02 8011 4719 (Within Australia) to find out how you can be getting better results online for your business – that means, More Leads, More Customers and More Leverage for You.

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