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Digital Marketing Tech Cheat Sheet

In order to do Digital Marketing well you need to not only use, but also take maximum advantage of technology. This is an area that can be pretty scary for most, and yes, technology can certainly be frustrating at times!  But it also ensures that you can leverage and make the most from your digital marketing.  So embrace technology!  And we are here to make it simple for you.

Below is a list of the technology that we have used and recommend with a



Website hosting

For hosting your website(s)

We Use and Recommend…

HostGator | Click to go to their website
Low cost and can host multiple domains easily with this hosting

WPEngine (Secure WordPress Hosting) | Click to go to their website
Higher priced but has great security for WordPress if you want to protect your WordPress site from hacking

Payment Processing

For processing online payments

We Use and Recommend…

PayPal | Click to go to their website

Haven’t used it personally but have heard great things about…

Stripe | Click to go to their website

Website Chat Software

An online chat function that you can add to your website so that you can talk to people on your website
and sales pages to increase conversions

We Use and Recommend…

Zen Desk | Click to go to their website

Capture Page / Opt In Page / Sales Page Builder

To set up professional looking and high converting registration pages and opt-in pages for your Lead Magnets and Webinars

We Use and Recommend…

LeadPages   |   Click here to go to the site

Alternatively You Could Use…

You can just set up a page on your website to do the same thing

Image Optimisation and Resizing

To create smaller more compressed images for your website so that it loads faster

We Use and Recommend…   |   Normally installed on a Windows Machine by default or Click here to go to the site

Alternatively You Could Use…

Image Optimizer  |  Click here to go to the site


Email Database Software

To build your email database list, send email newsletters and manage your list

We Use and Recommend…

Ontraport | Click to go to their website
A comprehensive and powerful CRM where you can easily segment and manage your lists

Alternatively You Could Use…

Mailchimp | Click to go to their website
Great if you are starting out.  Has a free version to get started with no cost.

Aweber | Click to go to their website

Photos and Stock Images

Get image rights so you can use images without attribution or links for your Blog Posts, Social Media Content etc.

Free: We Use and Recommend…

Pexels | Click to go to their website
Pixabay | Click to go to their website

Paid: We Use and Recommend…

Shutterstock | Click to go to their website
iStock | Click to go to their website

Hashtag Researching Tool

To discover which are the best hashtags for you to use in your social media marketing

We Use and Recommend…

RiteTag | Click to go to their website

Google Adwords

To create ads for your business on Google Searches

You can just sign up and add it to your current Google Account here  |  Click here to go to the site

Transcribing Service

To transcribe your audio or video files to turn them into text

We Use a transcriber in the Philippines but have heard great things about …

Rev | Click to go to their website

Online Event Scheduler/Calendar

This is a really handy tool for working out what time your webinar or online training is on in different time zones around the world, so that you know which countries to market your webinar/training to if you are trying to get an international audience.  There’s no point marketing to countries where your webinar is going to be on in the middle of the night!

Enter in the date and time of your webinar and see what time that will be around the world.

Click here to go to the site

Ad Retargeting Service

To retarget ads to people that have visited your website recently

We Use and Recommend …

Adroll | Click to go to their website
Perfect Audience | Click to go to their website

Webinar & Online Meeting Platforms

Platforms to run your webinars or online meetings on

We Use and Recommend…

Zoom | Click here to sign up for a free account (paid accounts only required for longer and larger webinars and meetings)

Alternatively You Could Use…

GoToWebinar | Click here to sign up for a free trial


Mindmap Software

Great for brainstorming business and marketing ideas or creating the outline of trainings and programs

We Use and Recommend..

xMind | Click to go to their website

Presentation Software / Slide Creator

For creating great looking presentations or slides for your webinars or online trainings

We Use and Recommend…

Microsoft Office Powerpoint | Click to go to their website

Alternatively You Could Use…

Keynote for Mac | Click here to go to their website 

Screenshot Capture

To capture a screen snapshot of your computer screen

We Use and Recommend…

Snagit | Click to go to their website

Video Capture Software

For creating shot screen shot type videos on your computer

We Use and Recommend…

Jing | Click to go to their website