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14 Influence Factors Training

Online training to increase your impact and influence in the world to help more people and bring in more cash for you

It is hard to stand out and have the impact that you want in such a busy and noisy world.  Business is such an amazing vehicle for creating good in the world; good for you as the business owner, and good for others with the help of your products and services.  In order to have a thriving business, it is crucial for you to have a high level of influence and impact on the people that you interact with… with clients, with prospects, with your staff, with your suppliers, well with just about anyone.  This powerful training is all about increasing your influence and impact in the world.

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Gifts From the Darkness Book

Winner of the Gowor International Publishing Author Award (2015)

Gifts from the Darkness is about finding the valuable life lessons and the gifts that come out of our most challenging times in life.  It is a deeply raw and authentic book with profound wisdom to live your life by.  Taking you on an inspiring journey, it is about looking at challenges and dark times in our lives from a new perspective and opening up your awareness to a new way of living life; embracing life, in all the forms it takes, and living a
life filled with happiness,  joy and fulfilment.

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Adventures in Manifesting: Conscious Business Book

Featuring Andrew and Kim Baird

GET INSPIRED!!!  Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and tune into the essence of success.  This book will help strengthen your mission and will remind you of all the elements required to create a conscious and sustainable business that makes a difference in the world.

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Awaken Your Inner Game

Awaken Your Inner Game 10 Week Program

Mindset | Clearing Blocks | Life Transformation

Have you hit a funk in your life? Are you feeling stuck, lost, disheartened or frustrated at where you are at with your life? Join us for this 10 week transformational program that will get you out of that funk and back creating an amazing life.