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False Truths… What are they and how are they holding you back

False Truths


Watch the video to find out what are False Truths and how they could be holding you back in getting the results that you want in your life or business.

False Truths are things that we believe or have been told are true and they are not ABSOLUTE truth, but we think they are absolute truth, and so we block ourselves from creating what we want in this world because we hold these beliefs and stories about what is TRUE and that blocks us or stops us from moving forward in particular areas+

Here are some examples of false truths…

  • You need a website in order to build a business
  • You need to meditate
  • You need an abundance mindset
  • You need self belief
  • You need to be on purpose
  • You need to be in the flow
  • You need to look/act or speak a certain way
  • You need to work hard

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Kim Baird

Author Kim Baird

Kim Baird is an inspirational speaker, award winning author, transformational coach and entrepreneur. Kim has helped thousands of people to transform their lives and their businesses for the better. She has a passion for living life full out by her own rules and absolutely loves helping others to do the same. Kim specialises in transforming people’s ‘Inner Game’ to get them unstuck, expanding and creating more than they thought possible.

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