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Why people aren’t buying from your business

Let’s talk today about your offer…

  • Your products.
  • Your services.
  • Your membership program.
  • Your online course.
  • Your offerings.

Are people buying?  Are people buying consistently?

It might be for one particular offer you have, or it might be for all of them that people just aren’t buying! Yikes!

The sad truth is that there are countless offers out there that never get purchased, or very few of them do.  I think nearly every business owner has experienced it.

Have you experienced that?

I know I have!

Yep, I’ve been in business for 17 years now and have created so many products and services and programs that either no one has bought or very few people have bought, and it totally sucks!

You put in the effort, you have a great idea and you truly believe that what you have to offer can benefit people massively and then the sales just trickle in.

I’ve also had products and offers that have been great successes, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars in a day or over a week.  Not only does it feel good to be rewarded for the hard work put in by getting the cash coming in, but it also feels great to be helping people and making an impact when my products, services and offers sell.

So let’s dig in to a few of the big reasons that people aren’t knocking down your door to buy off you…


  1.   You haven’t marketed enough

Here’s how it normally goes for businesses (and yes I have been fully guilty of this at times!).  They come up with an offer (a new product, service or program) and they launch it.  They do 1 or 2 emails to their database, they do a couple of posts on social media, they even might mention it to a few people in passing.

From that bit of marketing they may not get any sales, or they might get a few.  Whoohoo!

But it isn’t the flood of clients that they were expecting.  So they move onto something else, or put it down to being that the offer is not what people want.

It is true that somethings will sell like hot cakes as soon as they land and will be a phenomenal success without much promotion, but that is not typical for most small-medium businesses.  A lot of the hysteria that you see when products launch and sell out quickly is from well known, established, big businesses and usually they will have spent tens of thousands of dollars (if not hundreds of thousands of dollars) on the marketing pre-launch!

The majority of businesses don’t have the budget to spend on intensive marketing like that, but they can definitely learn some lessons from the big ones…

In order to sell your offerings, people need to know about them.  They need to know who you are what you are offering.

That means you must market them.

Not just once or twice.  Not just for a week or two, but actually do a decent amount of marketing.

Especially if your offering is still available after the launch

…Maybe you have a membership program that you launched 6 months ago, but have you marketed it since?  Do your clients even know you offer that?

…Or maybe you have an online course that you launched 9 months ago and is still available on your website, but are you directing people to find out about it?

…Or maybe you have a product that you created 18 months ago but haven’t sold any in the last year, well maybe it is time to do some more marketing for it!

Remember to keep marketing your offerings regularly.

There is no set answer to the question “How much marketing do I need to do to get x amount of sales?”  It depends on a number of factors and results can vary massively depending on what type of marketing you are doing and how you are communicating.  Which brings me nicely to reason #2 why people aren’t buying…


  1. You aren’t communicating the offer effectively

Contrary to what you may think after reading about the #1 reason, more marketing doesn’t look like “buy my stuff, buy my stuff, buy my stuff!”

In fact good marketing is simply COMMUNICATING to the RIGHT PEOPLE.

What do I mean by communicating?

Well actually letting people know about your offer.

… What the offer involves
… What are the benefits of the offer to them
… What they are going to get from buying off you
… Why they need what you are offering
… What is going to change for them
… What pain or challenge is going to reduce or be removed from buying
… How you deliver the offer
… What they may not know that they need to
… What the long term value is of them buying
… and so on

There is so much you can say about your offer and remember that YOU are IN your business.  You know your products and services and offerings inside out… but your prospective clients don’t!

We are often so masterful as business owners in what we do that we forget that others don’t know what we know.  The information you know about your products and services can seem like common sense that everyone will know, but they don’t.

So don’t assume that a prospective client knows the benefits of what you are offering, or even why they need what you are offering, because most likely they don’t!  And so they don’t buy.

This isn’t about being sleazy or hard selling, it is simply about COMMUNICATING to then attract the right people.  Which brings me nicely to the last reason people don’t buy that I am going to talk about today, which is…


  1. You don’t know who your ideal market is or you are not talking to them

Here’s a fundamental concept in business success.  Don’t try to have everyone as your clients.

I know it can be easy to want to talk to everyone.  To try to convince and serve everyone.  But that very way of thinking is probably doing your business more harm than good!

The clearer you can get on WHO your clients are, the easier it is to communicate what you have to offer, and for it to really land for them that they want what you are offering.

For example, I don’t just work with any business owners.  I work with small-medium business owners that are purpose-driven and ready for their business and life to change up.  The people I work with are action takers and are open and responsive to seeing things differently.  They want to create more impact in the world, but also want a life they can enjoy and don’t want to be working themselves to the ground in the process.  They want a thriving business that is rewarding them for their efforts, they want to create positive change in the world with what they are selling, and they want an amazing life (whatever that means for them).  They want support and help to get them achieving their goals faster and easier and they see the value in that support.

Now that IS NOT every business owner.  In fact that is a small subset of the business owners out there.

When you are clear about WHO your ideal clients are, you can then speak directly to THEM.

You can talk to them about their challenges, their pain and struggles, their aspirations, their dreams.  You can really get to understand how they think and why.  You can also get an understanding of why they would want to buy what you are offering.

Have a think about your best current and past clients.  Who are they?  Are there particular traits or demographics that make them your ideal clients?  Do they have particular habits or behaviours that make them your ideal clients?

The clearer you can get on this, the easier growing your business will be.

So, those are 3 big reasons why people possibly aren’t buying off you.  There are some other reasons as well that it can be, but that’s plenty to digest for today.  Do any or all of those reason bring some truth for your business?  Let me know, I’m curious to hear.  Just flick me a reply email.

Go well and here’s to creating your own amazing business.



PS.  If you want me to show you how you can grow your business massively, or how to work less and make more, then reach out and lets have a chat to see where you are at and how I can help you.







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