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One of the biggest challenges that most business owners face is the ability to have a constant stream of clients coming in.

Many businesses go through the feast or famine roller coaster when it comes to clients and they struggle to find a way to get a steady stream of consistent clients coming in so that they can build a thriving and sustainable long term business.

The stresses of not knowing where the next client is going to come from can add up and leave you feeling anxious, worried and sometimes down right scared about the future of your business.

Many business owners confess to us that they have been on the verge of quitting more times than they can count because the pressure of getting clients has all been too much.

They have a great product or service that really benefits people but they really struggles to find a way to get that consistent stream of clients coming in.

So I’ve created this post to give you 10 reasons people aren’t buying off you or why you aren’t getting clients.

1.  You are not taking enough action – I am all about working smarter, not harder, but in order to get a decent number of clients to buy on a consistent basis, you are going to have to take a lot of action.  Especially to get the momentum going.  Sure there are shortcuts, there are things you can do to speed up the process, but if you are sitting around hoping the orders will come in you are kidding yourself.  Get up and take action to make your business happen.

2.  You are not clear WHO your ideal clients are – It is hard to sell something to someone when you don’t know who they are.  If you don’t know the pain, challenges, dreams, aspirations that your ideal clients think and feel then how are you going to get them to buy?  Don’t just throw out a net and see who buys.  Work out who the ideal person is for your products and services and talk to them in your marketing messages and sales conversations.

3.  Your message, branding or positioning in the market isn’t clear – If you don’t have clear message and you have not positioned yourself clearly in the marketplace then people won’t buy.  You need to be crystal clear with people how you can help and why they want to buy off you.  If you pick a generic message then how is that going to get anyone’s attention?

4.  You are not standing out and being unique – people have so much choice today in the market, there is an abundance of choices in the market when it comes to almost all products and services.  So in order to get noticed and in front of people in the noisy marketplace you do need to stand out and be different.

5.  Your Ideal clients do not trust you – trust is a big thing in today’s market, especially since nearly everyone has been ripped off at some point.  There is a lot more resistance to buying, especially if the price of your products and services is reasonably high.  You need to build trust quickly and easily to get people across the line.

6.  You are making it too complicated – Keep it simple!  Sometimes it can be easy to want to complicate things as then it will seem more “valuable,” but often this just turns people off.  People are busy and don’t have a lot of time in today’s high paced world so make everything simple and clear

7.  You are selling on logic rather than emotion – We as humans are emotional beings and we buy on emotion, not logic.  We will usually justify our spending or purchase logically, but in reality it is almost always an emotional purchase.  So if you are trying to sell people with just logic then it doesn’t usually work very effectively.  Selling on both the emotional and logical aspects of your products or services will make it way more likely you will get your prospects to buy.

8.  You are not willing to sell – There is so much negative energy and association with selling that people shy away from it.  They feel like if the product or service is good enough it will sell itself.  It won’t.  You need to be willing to stand behind your business and what you are selling and communicate the benefits to people.  They are not usually going to get it straight away.  So sell, communicate, show people WHY they want what you are selling.

9.  Your Inner Game needs tuning – Which brings us nicely to this next one.  Your Inner Game needs work!  Your Inner Game is made up of your internal state, including your limiting beliefs, values, the stories and habits that support or not supporting you.  For most people they have huge Inner Game blocks when it comes to selling and marketing their business.  These need to be cleared in order to get the clients coming in.

10.  You don’t ask for the sale – This one might seem logical, but if you are not getting your prospects across the line then ask are you actually asking for the sale?  For years I was having phone calls and coffee meetings with prospects and was not getting very much clients from all the work I was putting in.  When I looked back I realised I wasn’t even asking them if they wanted to move forward and buy.  I would just expect them to do it if they wanted to.  Turns out asking for the sale increases your clients.  Go figure!


I do want to point out here that we are all about ethical and moral selling.  We believe in only selling to people that will genuinely benefit from what you are offering and making sure that you are truly serving your clients, not just selling to them for the sake of getting money.  Build a business that you are proud of, it can be done.

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