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Have your New Year’s Resolutions stuck or drifted away?

It’s easy to let business and life get on top of you, from media bombardment (who can guess what Trump has done now!) through to expectations of clients, partners, family and friends, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact with these 4 secret strategies you can stop this from happening, here’s how:

1) Use Leverage

Don’t do everything the hard way, look for the smarter, more leveraged way – continually working harder just leads to burnout and implosion.  Here’s our most popular training (for f-r-e-e!) on creating leverage if this is where you’re struggling:

4 Powerful Leverage Strategies


2) Have a Clear Vision and Powerful Why

Have you ever got sidetracked by other people?  Whether intentional or not its easy to be pulled along by others (or simply distracted) when you don’t have a clear vision and a powerful WHY behind what you’re doing.

Gaining clarity is one of the key parts to Kim’s Awaken Your Inner Game program, because without it, you will get lost.  If you’d like to check out her transformational program that has caused amazing results here are the full details:

Awaken Your Inner Game Program


3) Knowing What Parts of Your Business Are Working (and what aren’t!)

When I first started in business I was a great technician but not a great business person. I knew how to write code and build websites (that’s right I ran a business before I became a speaker and mentor!) but I had no clue about the business side of things.

Once I had trained and been coached by my first mentor I knew his model of business development, but as I spent the next 4 years coaching I discovered that there were shortcuts to where the biggest gains can be found.  I’ve always been a minimum effort, maximum results kind of guy, and this is what led me to create our coaching system.

It has since proven to be our most powerful model of business development, if you don’t know where to start on getting your business serving and working for you then join us at this live training:

Discover The Most Powerful Model of Business Development (This event is no longer available)


4) Big Picture, Small Pieces

Finally the 4th piece of this puzzle – quite possibly the most important one of all.  You need to have the big picture of where you’re going, what your ultimate goal is and what you want to achieve.

BUT, you also need the small pieces that make up that puzzle.  You need to not only set the New Years Resolution, you also answer this key question:

“What needs to get to done to make this happen?”

Then you work on putting together the small pieces until the big picture comes together.  Yes as with all entrepreneurial journeys there will be twists and turns and adjustments.  But a big goal without steps to get there is just a dream, not something you can actually achieve. The best pieces are small, actionable steps that are easy to do.

If your goal is to grow your business, is that extra marketing, is it additional sales calls, is it hiring a sales person?  Get crystal clear on the pieces that make up the big picture and get into action getting them in place.

Those 4 secret strategies may sound simple, but when implemented correctly they make a profound difference to your results.  I just got off the phone with a client who finally got his clear vision and powerful why sorted and guess what….he’s now following through and taking action, not getting distracted and procrastinating over achieving his goals.  In fact now his plan is to surpass his goals massively, and even better he’s well on the way to doing it.  Will you join him?

Andrew Baird

Author Andrew Baird

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