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Rock Climbing Coromandel New Zealand

Rock climbing better at 40 than 20

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It seems impossible but I’m now climbing better at 40 than I did when I was much younger. Sure there are a few external things I’ve changed, but the #1 thing that has changed this is not what you’d expect. It’s not because I have kids, that actually makes me climb and train less. It’s not better climbing partners, I’m climbing…

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Struggling to get traction

Want More Traction in Your Business?

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If you’re struggling to get enough traction in your business ask yourself this: Are you following a system or a plan structured to get you results?  When Kim and I started Amazing Business we didn’t reinvent the wheel, our early startups had taught us you don’t have to create everything yourself and start from scratch. Instead we licensed our original mentors coaching…

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beach holiday and vacation in caribbean

9 Ways to Work Less While Making More

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It’s something that often gets eyes popping but one of my favorite things to do is help business owners work less while making more.  Here are 9 ways you can do it too: 1. Use Virtual Assistants Although they’re publicised a lot I still meet business owners who have never heard of a Virtual Assistant.  They are an on demand worker you hire to…

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What A Load Of Crap

What A Load of Crap!

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“What a load of Crap” I thought as the speaker on the stage was blah blah blahing on about researching a market. Often when you first get exposed to an idea you reject it. In fact sometimes you have to get exposed to it hundreds of times before you accept it. For me it took years before I accepted the…

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4 unusual secrets of business growth for transforming your results.

4 Key Focuses for Business Growth

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1) Serving Current Clients No, not marketing, rather making sure that you’re serving current clients the best you can. Serving current clients means you’re keeping them happy, which drives two things: Repeat Business & Referrals. Repeat Business and Referrals are two of the most powerful drivers of business growth and profits. 2) Creating Sales ASAP Getting new clients is crucial…

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