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Afraid to go on Holiday Cause Business Will Drop?

One of my favorite client transformations was a client who was terrified of going away on holiday.

Her parents had owned a business and they had almost lost it when taking a holiday and returned to find all the clients gone. This had caused her to create a massive fear about going on holiday and taking a break.

We tackled this fear head on with a two part approach:

1) Got to the root cause of it – initially she had no idea it was because of this story, once we identified the story we could clear it!

2) Set up systems and structure to generate sales so that she could return back home confident that her business (and she) would be doing great.

She took a big holiday and came back to $16,275 in sales, an epic transformation from being afraid of a holiday to coming home to a great pay day!

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Andrew Baird

Author Andrew Baird

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