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Goal Setting – Business Plan to Reality

business plan goal setting

Are you Goal Setting? Taking what you want to achieve in your business and turning it into a business plan? Here’s a hot tip on how to take that business plan and goals and turn them into reality:

Fall in love with the process, not the dream.

When I first heard this I stopped in my tracks and went “Wow, that is profound”. Too often you fall in love with want you want to have, whether it’s more time off, that dream business deal or simply more money. If you’re focused just on what you want, and not what you need to do to get it then you’re likely to never reach it.

Of course keep your goal in mind as a reference point, but you need to be taking action to get you there. Your business plan should be the step by step guide that takes you from goal setting to completion.  Here’s where this saying really goes into overdrive, if you’re in love with the process of making your dream a reality is it easier or harder to do? It’s easier, you’re going to be more in the flow and more aligned with what you’re doing.

There will always be challenges on the way to achieving your goal, but the more you are in love with the process of achieving it the more easily you will reach it.  Make sure you don’t fall so in love with the process that you put yourself on a treadmill and never reach it either!  Being in love with the process is great but you don’t want to get trapped there.

I wish you every success in your goal setting and business plan, and all the best in making them a reality.

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