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7 Ways of Creating Great Social Media Content

7 Ways of Creating Great Social Media Content

If you are doing content marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy to grow your business, then you know how challenging it can be to constantly be coming up with ideas for your content.  Ideally in order to get a decent amount of traction you want to be posting multiple times a day across all your social media platforms.

Plus every platform is different and you can have the same connections on different platforms, which means that you don’t want to be posting exactly the same thing on Facebook that you are then posting on Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ etc.

People don’t want to see an exact repeat of the same content again and again on the same day.

So how do you come up with enough social media content to make your digital marketing exciting and engaging to your audience?

Great question!  Here are 7 Ways of Creating Great Social Media Content…

1) Answer Questions

Take common questions from clients or fans/followers and answer them. You can do this as an article or a live video, just make sure you answer the question and include a call to action for what’s next.

2) Case Studies

Don’t make your marketing about YOU, make it about your clients. Include details of where clients were, the transformation you helped create and where they are today.

3) Topical Commentary

What is hot in your industry or the news right now? Do you have an alternative view, or insights that are valuable? This is a fantastic way to not only get great traction with your followers but also to get featured in the media which can take your content and promotion a loooooong way.

4) Myth Busting

Are there myths in your industry or with your product that you can bust? If you can demonstrate this it is incredibly powerful. Infomercials where they pour red wine on the floor are cheesy, but they WORK because of how visceral and real they are. If you can show video or photo proof it really drives home your value.

5) Contrary Approach

Do you have a different way to approaching your product or service than your competitors? If you do something that is very different this is part of your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and should be front and centre in your marketing. It is very attention grabbing when it’s focused on the specific benefits for your clients.

6) Do What Works

Make sure you’re testing some of your own unique content. A lot of my videos are me running through the bush, or climbing up trees or cliffs. This is part of my personal life but my business fans love getting insights into my personal life. Test out some things that are unique to you or your team and measure how your fans respond and repeat what works and resonates with them.

7) Make it EXCITING

Today’s world is fast moving and high pace, if your social media content doesn’t grab people, it’s too easy for them to click onto the next thing that catches their eye. With everything you publish ask the question: “How does this grab them? Why will they click?”  Make sure you’re making your content, fresh, interesting and exciting.

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