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4 Quick Ways To Increase Organic Reach on Your Facebook Business Page

Watch the Facebook Live replay now to get these powerful tips,
or if you prefer to read then the 4 tips are also outlined below the video.

Do you want more organic reach on your Facebook business page?  It’s a hot topic, since the organic reach that you get when you do a post on your business page is pretty tiny.

Everyone who’s running a business and trying to get more reach and more engagement on their Facebook business pages want to know how to get that seemingly magical organic reach so that Facebook shows more people your posts for free.

It’s frustrating when you spend all this time and energy doing your social media marketing and it isn’t getting the exposure or result that you want.

A lot of people are finding that their business page is getting little or no traction, not getting more likes, not getting engagement and they are not really reaching many people either.  So this is a big challenge for business owners because we want to be putting in the work and get a good result from the work that we do put in.

So that brings up the question of whether you actually can get decent reach without paying to boost your posts or use Facebook ads and pay to get things seen by more people.

Yes!  It is possible with some powerful little strategies that I am going to share with you.

You will be able to get more reach way more easily if you do use Facebook ads and boosting, but if you want to increase the organic reach that your posts are getting then try these simple yet effective strategies…

#1 Do Facebook Lives to Increase Organic Reach and Engagement

At the moment Facebook Lives are the number one thing that is going to get shown in your news feed.  It is more likely to get shown to people, it’s going to get way more organic reach than any other type of post right now and it’s a great way to interact with your community, with your clients, with your tribe, with your base of followers that you are building and engaging with so Facebook.

Facebook Lives are amazing because they get way more reach and the great thing is you can interact with people live and the replay is automatic.  It’s really easy to do so you can just do a Facebook Live, the replay goes up automatically and then people can watch it afterwards as well so if they miss you on the live they can still watch it later.  They can still ask questions and still comment and interact which is fantastic it’s a great engagement tool and it reaches way more people so you get your message out to more people.

#2 Do Posts With Pictures To Increase the Organic Reach a Post Gets

A post with pictures gets way more organic reach than just plain text ones. I’ve done so much testing on this and posts with pictures far out perform text posts.  It doesn’t necessarily increase the engagement so it depends what kind of post you are posting as to whether you want to use a text one or a picture one but by far the ones with pictures get way more organic reach than plain text posts.

#3 Write longer Posts to Increase the Engagement which Increases Reach

Now this is completely contradictory to what a lot of the experts say but I’ve done this testing myself on my page and seen it with my clients that this works so good and gets you way more organic reach rather than the shorter posts.

Most of advice out there is saying do shorter posts they get more reach and they get more engagement. It’s simply not true from what I’ve seen and so this is not an absolute across all boards test it out for your self and see what gets you better results for you because that’s the important thing.

What I have found is that doing a longer post actually get you way more reach and engagement and now here is why because basically when you’ve got a longer post, Facebook will only show part of that and then it will have a “click more” link that you click on to show the rest of the post.

The interesting thing is that when people click on that “click more” link and it shows the rest of your post that is counted as an engagement to your post and so every time you get an engagement with your posts the Facebook algorithm basically shows it to way more people because people are interacting with it.  Therefore Facebook will show it to more people.

If you’ve got a short post people can read that in one go and then just keep scrolling through in their Facebook feed, if you’ve got a post with part of the post and then you have to click “click more” well then people need to stop and they need to click on the click “read more” link to be able to read your post and so what this does is it build engagement with that post whether they “like” it or “comment” on it or not.

This is a really cool trick to get your post out to reaching way more people, and is something that not really anyone talks about and I’m here to tell you that I’ve tested this so much and it works.

It doesn’t mean you want all your posts to be like that, test it out, do some short ones and some long ones and see it which ones actually perform better, but the longer posts will surprise you I’m sure.

#4 Use Hashtags To Reach a New Audience and Grow Your Following

Use hashtags with your posts on your business page so look around in your industry and see which hashtags are working really well in your industry and then use those hashtags regularly on your posts.

Now what that does is whenever someone clicks or searches on a particular hashtag then it brings up a list of all the posts that are using the hashtag, which means that people can find your posts when you are using hashtags outside of your normal followers and circle.

You can get reach to a new audience so people that aren’t actually following or liking your page can see your posts.

This can really help you get more organic reach from people that aren’t already in your following and so that’s really great tip on how to get new people into your following base and into your fan base for your Facebook business page.





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