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Not something that often go together….

But heart is one of the biggest keys to getting results in your marketing.

We justify our actions with logic, it’s what we think makes the world go round but really it’s emotion or *heart* that drives our decisions.

Which leads to the challenge: tapping into emotion can be difficult.

Humans can be fickle at the best of times, let alone when things turn to custard!

Whether you write your own content, or a team member or outsourcer does it for you, always ask this question:

“So What?”

Look at the content and ask “Who Cares, So What?”

Ask it NOT from your point of view, but from your target clients point of view.

What do they care about, what gets them up in the morning.

Is this something that will grab them?

Or will it turn them off, have them running for the hills, or falling asleep.

If you don’t know, find out, here’s a couple of ways to do it:

1) Ask your best clients

Whether you pick up the phone and call them, or sit down for a coffee, find out what drives them.

Why did they choose you over your competitors, what do they love about you, what buzzes them emotionally about working with you.

2) Run split tests

Run ads and test & measure what gets the best results.

Even the best marketers in the world won’t write the best content first time around, it takes time, and testing and measuring.

Pay attention to what works and do more of that.

You want to tap into HEART

Don’t make your Marketing “hope and pray”, make it driven by what your target clients want!

Andrew Baird

Author Andrew Baird

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