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Does the economic situation affect you?

Riots in London, economic uncertainty in the US, how does this affect you and your business?

You could look at it and say “Well of course!  If there’s less money around, if people are uncertain my business will suffer!”

So it’s decided then, your business will suffer.  Hmmmmmm, not really a good idea is it?

So what do you do?  It’s quite simple, you must make your reality that the economy and your business economy are not related.  Don’t think that’s true?  In the past 10 years we’ve all seen the economy go through boom times, and bust times.  Now I want you to think about the boom times for a minute – were there businesses that went under?  That had to shut the doors?

Yes, there were businesses that closed during the boom times.

What about in the bust times, times when things were tough – were there businesses that grew, ones that thrived and expanded?  Apple did, they grew and grew, we had customers who grew their businesses, friends that did and we grew ours.

So you can grow your business in tough times.

Your business economy does not have to be tied to the economy.  You can control it yourself, you decide what you market, you decide who you sell to, you decide how you run your business.  You can be the master of your fate.

If you’re not sure how to do this (or you’d like someone helping you, cheering you on, helping you to win) click here now to check out my 5 business boosters.

All the best in your business,


Andrew Baird

Author Andrew Baird

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  • Helen says:

    In the last year we changed out mission statement to “We save the New Zealand Government millions of dollars” The beauty of what we do is that this is the government’s ideal cost-saving
    • No impact on front-line services
    • No impact on staff numbers
    • No pain – all gain!

    Simple, effective, pragmatic solutions