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“What a load of Crap” I thought as the speaker on the stage was blah blah blahing on about researching a market.

Often when you first get exposed to an idea you reject it.

In fact sometimes you have to get exposed to it hundreds of times before you accept it.

For me it took years before I accepted the idea that understanding your target market (really, really, really getting them) was crucially important.

Why is this?

Your ego creates a world around you, painted by the beliefs you have. So as soon as you start to change beliefs (or even *think* about changing them), your picture of the world changes.

I don’t know about you, but for most people this is incredibly disconcerting!

You can freak out and go back to the beliefs and the picture you had before. The one that you’ve known for so long, and been comfortable with.

The Two Challenges This Creates

So you could say “So What” or “Who Cares” about this, but it creates two very real problems:

1) Lack of Ability to Change

People want change, it doesn’t matter if it’s making more money, or losing more weight, everyone has something they want to change.

If you have an inability to first accept at a logical level a new idea, and then integrate into your life (meaning you take the new idea, accept it as one of your beliefs and then start behaving differently because of it). Without this ability (to accept, then integrate) you can’t change.

Change of Beliefs –> Change of Action –> Change of Results

This rejection of ideas, and the inability to use new ideas and shift our beliefs (and then results) is one of the biggest causes of failure, and frustration in our society.

2) Inability to Deal With Life

Which leads into the second problem, which is an inability to deal with life.

Today in 2015 life is moving more and more rapidly, technology is changing, TV is going digital, and every day there’s a new website that you *have* to check out.

Which is great if you’ve developed the ability to change.

But if you’re like many people, you probably struggle to accept new ideas, and struggle to change. Which in today’s society is a huge stumbling block.

Do you struggle to change? How have you made it easier?

Andrew Baird

Author Andrew Baird

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