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What is really going to make 2013 Your Best year Ever?

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Make 2013 Your Best YearIn this video Andrew Baird reveals what is really important to transforming your business into a highly profitable and extremely successful business.  It’s not all about the perfect strategies, not about how you do it…but something else.

Find out what is going to help you the most to make 2013 your best year yet in your business.  Go Rock it!


Andrew Baird

Author Andrew Baird

Do you have an Amazing Business? I'd love to help you create your Amazing Business. You get more profits, more easily so you work less & live more. I started in business when made redundant but wasn't an overnight success! I learnt how to run a business and have a successful lifestyle business. If you want to do the same I look forward to helping you!

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  • Simadhari Kistensamy Naidoo (Neville) says:

    Hi Andrew, I have been in the motor industry for the past 32 years. I contract at Castrol SA as a consultant doing some soft skills training and after sales consulting in the motor industry. I have been with this organization for the past 5 years. I want to go on my own and grow this business within the motor industry. I have the skill and knowledge for this industry. I currently do not have my own training materials or consulting tools to do the work. The training materials and tools i currently use have copy rights and patents to them. Any suggestions from your side to how i can expand my current business.
    Regards, Neville

    • Andrew Baird says:

      Great question Neville,

      If you currently don’t have rights to the training material you use then essentially you have 3 options to grow your current business in the Motor Industry:

      1) Obtain the license for the material you’re currently using
      2) Obtain a license for similar training material so that you can work independently
      3) Create your own new unique material to use

      Obviously option 3 is the most work and will take more time and energy, option 1 may or may not be possible depending on who created the current material (may be inhouse or restricted) which leaves option 2 as [probably] your quickest and fastest way to move forward.

      I look forward to hearing how decide you move your business forward, all the best,