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Whether you had a big week or a small week, there’s one thing I know for sure: You had a week calling the shots.

You had a week where you were the captain of your ship, you were steering it and deciding where you went.

You plotted out a course and decided where you were going to go.

Sure there may have been some storms or swells, or even a lack of wind, but it’s *your* boat and you get to decide the course.

There is nothing quite like the freedom of running your own business, how did you make the most of it this week?

Andrew Baird

Author Andrew Baird

Do you have an Amazing Business? I'd love to help you create your Amazing Business. You get more profits, more easily so you work less & live more. I started in business when made redundant but wasn't an overnight success! I learnt how to run a business and have a successful lifestyle business. If you want to do the same I look forward to helping you!

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