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Traps to avoid when cutting costs in tough times

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DISCLAIMER: Every business and their situation is different. The information provided in this blog post is for general informational purposes only. If you want specific advice for your business, then visit our Work With Us page with our business services.Right…
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How to find the right business coach

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As a small business owner, finding the right business coach can be an absolute game-changer for the success of your business. An experienced business coach can help you overcome challenges, provide specific guidance that is suited to your business, and…

The Benefits of Hiring a Business Coach for Small Business Owners

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I sometimes get asked “What’s the point of having a business coach?” It’s a great question! I get it, most small business owners feel like they can do it all by themselves, and they definitely don’t want someone coming in…

How to navigate the storms of business

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We live in intense times. The last few years have been stressful on so many levels. Disasters, adversities, and impactful global events have given us what can feel like a constant stream of challenges to deal with while still trying…

Are You Feeling the Pressure Right Now?

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With everything that is going on, it feels to me like the world is in a big pressure cooker right now. The pressure seems to be continuing to increase at an alarming rate. It seems no matter where I look…

How your Inner Game affects your business

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Marketing and business strategies are really important in order for a business to thrive, but there is something else that is needed as well... to work on your Inner Game. Your Inner Game is everything that is going on within…

How to create a Privacy Policy on your website for free

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Let's be honest, very few people care about the privacy policies on websites! But it is a requirement that we need to have if we are collecting any sort of data as a business. This means if you are building…

Is your business hiding?

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I’ve had this ongoing conflict within me for most of my 20 year business journey. It is the desire to grow my business, while simultaneously wanting to hide and for no one to see me. Not really the best combo…

How to keep sales simple & generate consistent sales

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Making sales is a core activity in business, after all without sales, you have no business! But sales is also an activity that many small business owners overcomplicate and struggle with. I asked Natalie Tolhopf, Sales Coach extraordinaire, to share…

Why outsourcing your marketing and sales rarely works

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It is easy as a busy, overworked small business owner to want to delegate tasks that we don’t really want to do ourselves. Marketing and Sales activities are usually at the top of the “I don’t want to do that”…
Are you working too hard?

Are you working way too hard?

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Firstly, I have a free business training coming up next week, all about adding leverage to your business. Click here to sign up Right, back to the working way too hard part... Every week I see business owners who are…

When is the best time to make changes?

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Change is inevitable. It is part of life and is part of every business. However, there is a big difference in when and how changes are made as to what the outcome will be. How easy those changes are to…

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