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In January 2010 my wife Kim and I tried a strange experiment in business growth.

We booked a quiet retreat at a beautiful resort by Lake Taupo and packed the kids into their carseats on a smoking hot summers day and headed off to the lake.

Together we spent days just sitting on the deck, enjoying the blue skies, the beautiful lake and the Tuis singing overhead.

While there we also planned what kind of year we wanted to have in our business….

What types of clients we wanted to serve.

How we wanted us to show up for those clients.

The experience that we wanted to create for ourselves that year.

We took such simple actions from that planning but the results from the experiment were fantastic! Working with better clients (that truly appreciated us) and making more money in our consulting business ($38k), and it was much less stress as well.

We also took an extra 2 weeks off that year!

Now we run these retreats for our clients and take them through our systems for business growth.

How to add leverage to your business so you can work less while making more. Simple strategies that produce great results when they’re aligned with you and your business using a holistic approach.

We’re currently accepting applications for our 2017 retreats, if this sounds interesting to you then click here to see further details.

Andrew Baird

Author Andrew Baird

Do you have an Amazing Business? I'd love to help you create your Amazing Business. You get more profits, more easily so you work less & live more. I started in business when made redundant but wasn't an overnight success! I learnt how to run a business and have a successful lifestyle business. If you want to do the same I look forward to helping you!

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