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Fastest Man in NZ

At the weekend Eddie Freeman beat the NZ land speed record, one that had stood for 16 years, and it has important implications for your business. Getting the most out of the performance of your business is exactly like getting…
Andrew Baird
October 31, 2012

Why Business is like Rugby

Rugby Mania is taking hold in NZ, the rugby world cup is in full effect, since before it started our son Rylan was coming home from Kindy saying "Go All Blacks, Go All Blacks!"  Yep we start them young in…
Andrew Baird
October 3, 2011

Your Business is in trouble if

Webinar details: If your product or service is not up to scratch - you are in big trouble. Watch the video to discover why social media and how consumers behavior has changed.
Andrew Baird
September 15, 2011