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Why Business is like Rugby

Rugby Mania is taking hold in NZ, the rugby world cup is in full effect, since before it started our son Rylan was coming home from Kindy saying "Go All Blacks, Go All Blacks!"  Yep we start them young in NZ!

I want to tell you why Business is like Rugby – and how you can use this fact to improve your business this week.

In both rugby and business you have Offense and Defense, and they're both important.

Imagine if a rugby team ignored Offense – we'll just make sure the opposition never scores, wouldn't make for much of a game would it?  Plus even if they only get through once you lose because you never got a single point!

What if you ignore Defense?  Then the opposition will usually get a higher score than you (unless you're a lot better than them) and so you'll also usually lose.

How does this translate to business?

If you don't have Offense, a way to get clients and make money then how will you win at business?

Pretty hard right?  Money is what keeps your business operating, but you can get caught by many peoples idea that sales and marketing is wrong or icky.

If you own and run a business then you need offense to keep the money flowing in, and that will include sales and marketing – whether it's referral based or running ads on TV is irrelevant; you need a strategy that brings clients to you.

But without Defense what will happen?

Defense is being able to deliver your service or product at a lower cost than you charge, so if you don't have defense then you'll spend more than you make.  So unless you have an unlimited supply of money at some point you'll run out and have to shut the doors.

Defense is about lowering your expenses and making sure you are spending less than you make.

Like the All Blacks the better you are at both, the more likely you are to win (and make money) and live the life YOU want.  Also the better you are at both, the more you'll make!

Here's how to improve your business this week

Pick one thing for each of these to improve in your business this week, you have to work ON your business as well as IN your business, or you'll stay where you are right now.  Things are either getting better, or they're getting worse – so take a step in the right direction and improve your business now.

For Offense you could:

For Defense you could:

All the best in cranking up your Offense and Defense and leave me a comment letting me know what you're going to do!


Andrew Baird

Author Andrew Baird

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