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Fastest Man in NZ Lamborghini Superleggera

Fastest Man in NZ Lamborghini SuperleggeraAt the weekend Eddie Freeman beat the NZ land speed record, one that had stood for 16 years, and it has important implications for your business.

Getting the most out of the performance of your business is exactly like getting your Lamborghini Superleggera to go over 335 km/h.

There are things you can do to tweak your performance, and things that you can do to give you a massive boost (like adding a bigger turbo). But what if your business is simply broken? What if your business is like a Lamborghini missing its front wheels, you can push down on the accelerator all you like but you’ll be lucky to get over 30 and nothing near 300… So what does your business look like if you’re only running on two wheels or not all your cylinders are firing? Businessman pushing a broken car business struggle

Getting new clients is a struggle, some clients you wish you could get rid off but there’s not enough of them to risk letting them go. Rather than things flowing smoothly it’s literally like your business is dragging down the race track with sparks flying off it because not all the parts are there.

You’re having to work much harder than you want to, and the profits often don’t seem worth the effort. So how do you turn this around and flip the picture? To go from struggle and strain, to leverage and a high performance business is easy when you have the right formula.

One that reveals exactly where your gaps lie in attracting customers, closing sales and in growing your customer base more easily, and what exactly is holding you back from getting this.

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