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Want More Traction in Your Business?

If you’re struggling to get enough traction in your business ask yourself this: Are you following a system or a plan structured to get you results?  When Kim and I started Amazing Business we didn’t reinvent the wheel, our early startups had taught us you don’t have to create everything yourself and start from scratch.

Instead we licensed our original mentors coaching manual – after all it had helped us to create a true lifestyle business: I only worked 25 hours a week and Kim even less, all while earning a great income.

Turning around early coaching clients businesses was fun, taking someone from $60k to $110k a year is incredibly rewarding for everyone involved!  As I dug deeper into coaching I started to notice a pattern:

I didn’t work through the coaching manual in order….

Instead I jumped around, I took aspects from it and applied them strategically based on the specific context of each individual client.  It enabled them to get right into the most beneficial things first, and get bigger wins faster.  I started asking the question:

How could this be built into a system?

Alongside this I added Power Strategies, ones I was using in our business, and that clients or partners were using too.  Power Strategies that created massive impact to transform businesses quickly.

All of this for one goal: A Simple System for Business Transformation.

In 2013, after 6 years of refinement and testing I applied the finished system to our own business, it had to be rock solid before it was shared with clients.

Our year was phenomenal, we went from strength to strength, it really catapulted us forward – while allowing us more time off.  We took 3 weeks to take the kids through Canada and England to meet their distant relatives overseas. We even took more time off in New Zealand when we got home to recover from the trip – the Profits Pyramid(TM) System had delivered!

At the start of 2014 we shared the system with our high end clients, and later released the Profits Pyramid(TM) as an online training program.  The online program was a $3,000 investment and we were amazed at the results and returns clients received from learning and applying the system.

In 2016 we decided to teach the system in a live event format.  We had been getting heaps of requests for it, and we love running live events, so Profits Pyramid Live was born!  The event was a massive success with the attendees giving us raving feedback and the results and transformations were coming in within a week of the event.  Most of the attendees are still getting amazing results months later from what they learnt at that event.

The great news is that we are running it again in 2017!  This 3 day immersive and complete training will go through the entire Profits Pyramid system, we will be holding nothing back.  For a fraction of the price of the online program you will discover everything you need for rapid transformation of your business.

If you’d like to rapidly transform your business results then click here to discover all the details on this phenomenal live event.

(This event is no longer available)




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