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Who Cares: Trump Addresses Congress

Tuesday 28th February 2017

I saw a major headline this morning talking about President Trump [gulp].

Love or Loathe him it’s easy to become immune to the media’s obsession over him and the events overseas.

*** Who cares right?  ***

We’re down under, miles away from Washington, Europe and all the dramas.

Except for the fact that New Zealand is heavily reliant on overseas trade – and also overseas finance. So those events worlds away DO have an impact, not only on exporters and importers but on anyone that has borrowings and/or savings.

But how, and what do you do about it?

Rod Oram

Rod Oram has indepth knowledge and experience on economic and political issues

Rod Oram is an expert in the business and financial arena, from his experience with the Financial Times in London which gave him massive insights.  Through to his involvement in Icehouse in New Zealand for over 11 years where he’s been helping fast growing New Zealand companies.

Rod has just returned from Europe where he’s been reviewing the impacts so far of Brexit and what is still to come in the rapidly changing European landscape.  He’s excited to be sharing these insights with leading Kiwi businesses that want to have the edge in their business.

The Big Thinking Business Forum has engaged Rod to reveal his insights from this trip at an exclusive event here in Auckland.  Not only will Rod be digging deep into what will be changing internationally and in New Zealand, you’ll also be spending time working on your plan, and what changes you need to make to weather this rapidly changing market.

This is an interactive event where you can discuss strategies in relation to your specific business and your context.  It is about leaving the event with an action plan on what you need to change to move through these times more easily – and to avoid sudden shocks.

If you know you need more time working ON your business, not just IN your business you have to join us live at this event.  Don’t hesitate, jump on this opportunity to discover how the rapidly changing international environment will affect you and your business – click here to register now.

I wish you all the best in your business and looking forward to helping you make sure you’re preparing for any Trump related shocks!

Andrew Baird


P.S. New Zealand is far from immune from the impacts these changes overseas are having, not just for importers and exporters but for anyone who borrows or saves money.  Don’t snooze and miss out on these early bird tickets, buy yours now.

Andrew Baird

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