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Marketing Problems (Attracting Attention in the Distraction Age)

Most people are busy, busier than ever and if you’re marketing your business you may be having problems getting people’s attention. I’m going to reveal 4 ways to get your ads noticed, your emails opened and people paying attention to you and your business.

The Attention Slap

To attract their attention make it demand they take notice – make them stop and think “what does that mean?” and “I have to know more.”  Remember there are so many marketing messages out there (and people are easily distracted) you have to make your message stand out to attract attention.  Some examples are:

  • The Moment That Changed My Life
  • What You Said
  • Could You Be The Next Internet Star?

Make it About Them

It’s not about you it’s about them – make sure you’re ads are focused on your customers, what they want, what they care about.

  • Thank You
  • Your Burning Question Answered …

Have some Mystery

Make it prompt questions in their mind, make them curious about what this is actually about.  You have to get them curious to know more to want to continue to read.

  • Failure and Distinction
  • Spiderman on the Wrong Bus
  • Some Sad News

Know who your audience is

This is actually the most crucial of these 4 – know exactly who you are marketing to.  To get someones attention and get them to take action you have to know exactly who you are targeting. Your product or service should not be for everyone, it should be for a very specific group of people.  What do they care about, what do they want, what problems have them begging for a solution – and why is your product or service ideal for them?

Are you are marketing your business online?

If so one of the key equations you need to know is Traffic + Conversion = Profit. Attracting attention is part of this but you also need them to take action and buy, Digital Marketing Dynamo can show you how to get your digital marketing working.

All the best in your business!

Andrew Baird.

Andrew Baird - Strategic Business Coach

Andrew Baird

Author Andrew Baird

Do you have an Amazing Business? I'd love to help you create your Amazing Business. You get more profits, more easily so you work less & live more. I started in business when made redundant but wasn't an overnight success! I learnt how to run a business and have a successful lifestyle business. If you want to do the same I look forward to helping you!

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Join the discussion 4 Comments

  • Andrew Baird says:

    You’re welcome Gina, Dave and Ryan – plenty more to come too Dave. Also I need to update the post because I didn’t mention that the example headlines are all one’s we’ve tested and measured as getting a higher response.

    Have a great week everyone!

  • Gina Ghafari says:

    My kind of post 🙂

    Attention, about them some mystery and KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!!!

    Spot on, straight forward and simple what and how to do.

    Thanks Andrew for providing pure value.

    “When One Teaches, Two Learn”

  • Dave Friant says:

    Hi Andrew great post. Just the way I like simple, short and to the point, yet packed with valuable information. You should give us more of these.

  • Hi Andrew,

    Target your audience. So key, because even with an excellent title and solid article, your calls to action take will be low.

    Super titles. The mystery titles pull folks in all the time. Too much curiosity surrounding them, NOT to click.

    Take a few minutes before you hit the Publish button to check out your title. Does it evoke emotion? Is it bland, or does it pique interest? Make sure it inspires folks to move into action before you publish your post, because in a world of information overload you need to stand out.

    Thanks for sharing Andrew!