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Who do you listen to for business advice?

Who do you listen to?

I’ve got a quick question for you. Who are you listening to and getting advice from when it comes to your business?

Just to be clear, this is not a post to say that you should be only listening to me. 😉

Who are you listening to?It is a really important question and depending on your answer to that question, it could actually reveal why you are not where you want to be in your business.

So what do I mean by that? If you are listening to someone who is giving you advice on something that they don’t have experience in, then you may be wasting your time. It may even be crushing your business.

Let me give you a specific example that I see ALL the time. Although this is regarding a specific client I had a few years back.

A Client Story

I had a client who I was consulting with on her website and online marketing strategy. She was just starting in business and the website was looking fantastic. It was ready to go live and get her first clients.

The website was designed to get results. To bring in qualified leads and pre-sell them even before they got on the phone with my client.

My client did what most people do when they have a new site, she showed her friends and family to see what they thought. Well, they didn’t like it. They thought it needed more pretty images and fluffy stuff.

Now I have no problem with people going and getting outside opinions from others. BUT it is who you listen to that is really crucial to your success.

She had the choice to listen to her friends and family, none of who were in business and had no experience in online marketing or sales. Or she could listen to my advice. With 10+ years experience in online marketing at that point, and I had fantastic results from clients to prove it.

In the end, she decided to listen to her friends and got the entire website re-done the way they thought it should look. She launched the site and got very little results.

It didn’t really surprise me that a year later she had the site re-designed again to be similar to the original site that I helped her create in the first place.

I hear that she is now doing good in her business and I am really happy for her, but what a waste of a year for her!

Who are you listening to?

This is a great example of how listening to the wrong people can set your business back massively.

It is really important when you are getting advice in any area of your business, that you listen to the advice from people that have the results that you are striving to achieve. Because it will save you a lot of time and energy, and will speed up the results you create.

This has been a key part of my own success. I have always looked for people that have created similar results to what I want and got advice from them. Really simple and really effective!


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Kim Baird

Author Kim Baird

Kim Baird is an inspirational speaker, award winning author, transformational coach and entrepreneur. Kim has helped thousands of people to transform their lives and their businesses for the better. She has a passion for living life full out by her own rules and absolutely loves helping others to do the same. Kim specialises in transforming people’s ‘Inner Game’ to get them unstuck, expanding and creating more than they thought possible.

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