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Are you working way too hard?

Are you working too hard?

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Right, back to the working way too hard part… Every week I see business owners who are overworked, overstretched and not happy with how their business is running. On top of that, they have lost sight of the positive impact their business is making and are getting stuck in the day to day running of the business.

If this is you, you are certainly not alone. This is prevalent among small business owners. I get it, there is so much responsibility that we can feel and the never-ending things to juggle can be overwhelming.

This is where identifying leverage opportunities and implementing them in your business can be a total game changer.

I think we have all heard the saying “work smarter, not harder,” but how do you put that into action? It is essentially about adding leverage so that you are creating better results, with less effort.

I think of leverage as optimising or improving aspects of a business so that they work more efficiently but take less effort to make it happen.

Usually, small business owners are running on a hamster wheel, and so they don’t see that there are little opportunities everywhere that can massively improve their business.

That’s where I can come in to help a business owner gain back their time, sanity, and joy again, while also increasing cashflow. 😊

I helped a client recently do exactly this. It was in our first session where I identified an activity she was doing that was not only taking up hours of her time each month, but it was also a task that she absolutely dreaded. I showed her a way to make a very small tweak to how she sold her program, which meant that she didn’t have to do that dreaded task anymore!

This small tweak not only freed up hours of her time each month, it meant she could focus on helping her clients more, it meant her joy for the business came back, and it also meant her clients worked with her for longer, leading to more profits with much less effort. Pretty epic result!

I have so many other examples I could share with you, but the takeaway is that it doesn’t need to take a whole lot of work to make a real difference in the profit, time and enjoyment of your business. Little tweaks can create big results!

This is what my upcoming free training is all about. How to use leverage opportunities to free up your time and grow your business. If that sounds like something that you want, then book in your spot:

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Have a fabulous end to your week and here’s to creating your amazing business.


PS. If you were following the survey that I sent out last week asking for your vote on the next training topic, then you may be interested to know that it was a 3 way tie! Every time I shared it, more people responded, and it kept coming to a 3 way tie! So funny! So those 3 topics will be the free trainings for the rest of the year, starting with the one next week on Leverage.

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