The Secret Shame of Business…

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A lot business owners don’t want to admit it, but secretly they feel a whole lot of shame around being in business. Almost like it is dirty word if you are in business.

They feel shame when they have to go out and sell to people, and they feel shame when they don’t have enough clients to fully sustain the business. It is almost like they don’t feel that they are good enough or their products and services are not worthy if they are not run off the ground busy with clients.

It can turn into a nasty downward cycle though where you don’t feel good about not having enough clients, and because you don’t have enough clients you don’t feel good enough to market yourself properly and get more!

I get it, because I felt that way for many years as well. I was in business, but was never really willing to talk about my business or the awesome services that I provided. Our first business was a web development company and truthfully we didn’t grow it to what it could have been because of that very reason. I wasn’t willing to back myself because of the shame I had.

Andrew and I still have old clients tell us that we were the best website developers that they have ever found and even to this day, 8 years later, they haven’t been able to find anyone do their web work as well as we did. It is sad to think of how many more people I could have helped back then if I backed myself and my business.

And this whole belief system around shame is really stemmed from the perception in society that business owners are rude, greedy, unethical and dodgy sods that will do anything to get sales and make more profit.

Now there is no doubt that there are business owners like that out there, but there are also plenty of employees that have the same mentality!

In fact, I believe that there are actually WAY more genuine, caring, awesome business owners out there that are driven from the heart to make a real difference in people’s lives with the products and services that they offer, than there are dodgy, greedy ones.

But unfortunately the shame that is lying underneath (usually unconsciously) really blocks those business owners from getting more clients and helping more people in this world.

Can you relate?

If you know Andrew and I, you will know that we do business from the heart. We deeply care about our clients and the community of amazing business owners that we have built. We genuinely want to make a difference to the lives of those that we come in contact with, and that is why we strive to help more and more business owners to create an amazing business and get them results.

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