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On the 8th of July I sent out one of our most popular emails: Fully Booked. In it I shared three of the secrets I used to become fully booked.  Here are the secrets I shared on how we did it, and the intro:

We were planning a re-launch for our Profits Pyramid program with webinars, videos and joint venture partners.

But there’s a problem, it sold out before we even started the promotions!  Plus I’ve had some current clients increase their time working with me.  Which means I’m now fully booked with one on one clients.

If you want to be fully booked here’s the strategies I used:

#1) Tightened down our Niche

If you’re not fully booked it’s easy to want to take on “any client”, it gets you closer to fully booked right?

The problem is that you then get bogged down in opportunities that aren’t ideal, plus there’s another downside: People often don’t get what you do & you’re not memorable.

When you niche in (choose a very specific area to help clients in) people really understand what you do, remember it and are more likely to refer.

Up until May this year Kim and I were focused on Webinars, and became known as the Webinar Experts.  I even have an upcoming speaking event booked in and of course it is on webinars.

Tightening down the niche does mean saying “No” (politely!) to some opportunities, where possible we look for someone else to help a potential client that we say no to, rather than leaving them hanging.

#2) Focus on Your Clients

It’s very easy to get caught up in chasing new clients (which of course is important) but don’t forget about your existing clients.

Many of the sales I’ve made have been up sells to existing clients.  Because I’ve been focused on serving clients they have asked to move onto what’s next for them, this makes it very easy to make the sale.

Don’t forget your best clients should be repeat sales.  If that’s not happening for you right now then tightening up the client experience may be exactly what you need to become fully booked.

#3 Tapping into Networks

Lastly I’ve tapped into networks to reach more people using Social Media and Events.

Content Marketing is without a doubt one of the most powerful ways that you can reach and engage with potential clients.

I’ve been posting regularly on Social Media for over a year now.  I get a lot of great feedback from it, it’s a regular reminder for people who I am and what I do, plus it also has built our database and made sales for us.

I also use events because they are super powerful for connecting with and strengthening relationships with people – and not just when you’re running events either.

I now regularly attend events to network and meet more people, I don’t sell at these events, this is about starting the relationship and building from there.

#4 (Bonus!) Use Marketing to Create Demand for You

Many, many, many business owners are hesitant to do marketing. And I mean to really, really do it. Consistently create content, get yourself out there, create ads, get promotional partners and promote and market yourself well and extensively.

I get it.

We’ve been told marketing is bad, we’ve been told it’s evil, but the only thing that brings people to your door is marketing. As my first business mentor Brendan used to say:

“Marketing is getting them to the door, Sales is getting them through it.”

Without marketing no-one knows you and your business exist! You have to be prepared to market in order to get clients and to become fully booked.

Marketing your unique differences, the reason your clients choose you, the results you get your clients creates demand and desire for people to work with you. This demand when combined with great sales gets you fully booked.


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