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How to create a Privacy Policy on your website for free

Kim Baird

Let’s be honest, very few people care about the privacy policies on websites! But it is a requirement that we need to have if we are collecting any sort of data as a business. This means if you are building an email database to market your business, or collecting any data from your clients, then yes you need an up to date privacy policy on your website. I’ve just recently updated our privacy policy on our website, because yes, it was well out of date and didn’t meet the latest regulations! It had been on my to do list for a while, but kept getting put in the too hard basket. Thanks to some really useful advice from Meg at Bloom Online, I got it done really quickly and easily. I’m talking less than 30 minutes! I asked Meg to share her wisdom with the Amazing Business community in a guest blog post so that more of us busy business owners can get this sorted.. or even delegate it to one of your staff.

~ Kim Baird

How to create a Privacy Policy on your website for free

Do you have a privacy policy on your website?

The Privacy Act 2020 requires all organisations that are collecting personal information to take reasonable steps to make sure that the individual concerned knows what data you are collecting, why you are collecting it and who will have access to it – among other things.

If your website collects data in contact forms, via an eCommerce checkout, newsletter sign up forms, or through the analytics data you track on your website then you are required by law to have a Privacy Policy on your website.

And its not just good for legal compliance – it can help build trust, and setting one up can get you thinking about the data you collect and how you take care of it on behalf of your clients and visitors.

Don’t have a Privacy Policy? The Privacy Commission website has an easy to use Privacy Policy Generator here.

Want to create a user-friendly privacy policy that your visitors might actually read (and understand)? Get inspired by this one from Info By Design.


Want to find out more about Meg or work with her?

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