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How to keep sales simple & generate consistent sales

Kim Baird

Making sales is a core activity in business, after all without sales, you have no business! But sales is also an activity that many small business owners overcomplicate and struggle with. I asked Natalie Tolhopf, Sales Coach extraordinaire, to share her wisdom and tips on how to keep sales simple and generate consistent sales for your business. I have known Natalie for many years now and love her authenticity as well as her simple, effective and practical advice when it comes to helping businesses to grow. Watch her short and powerful video to help grow and streamline your business.

~ Kim Baird


How to keep sales simple and generate consistent sales for your business

Here are just a few of the points Nat shares in her video:

  • Don’t need constant launches happening all the time
  • If you want consistent sales, you have to be consistently offering
  • When was the time you offer something to your audience?
  • Often we can forget to work with what is in front of us and be constantly searching for new leads
  • In front of us can be lots of opportunities that we miss
  • Sales can be simple. It can be just a 10 minute daily activity to get results
  • Upselling to current clients who already know, like and trust you can be a great opportunity to be of more service
  • Is there somewhere you can upskill or cross-sell to keep people in your ecosystem?
  • Don’t leave people hanging! Make sure you take the order and make the sale that people actually want
  • Sales needs you to be direct and ask for the order

Want to find out more about Nat or work with her?

Natalie TolhopfHey, amazing you! I’m Nat- Mindset and sales success coach.

I empower high-achieving solopreneurs and female founders with teams, to knock out their inner critic and shift into an unstoppable level of business growth.  And teaching them to cultivate a powerful self-belief and become confident selling in a simple, authentic, and successful way.

You can check out Nat’s website here or find out more about her Sell With Confidence Bundle



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