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4 Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing Results

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Ahhh digital marketing, most business owners have a love/hate relationship with it…. OK maybe it is mostly a hate relationship! Haha.

We see other businesses succeeding with their online marketing and we know that it could totally transform our business. If we actually managed to get it working, that is! But all the effort we are currently putting in isn’t generating the level of clients we desire.

Which can lead us to feel frustrated and even resentful of the time and money we are spending on doing our digital marketing.

I get the frustration and it is common to not be getting the results you want when it comes to digital marketing. It makes it even worse when you know that your business, products & services can help so many people for the better.

If only more people knew about you right?

With all the information out there on digital marketing and the millions of different strategies you “should” be doing, it can feel really overwhelming to know what actually works, what doesn’t, and where you should be putting your efforts.

This is such a common feeling with the business owners I talk to.

Honestly, it doesn’t have to be painful or complicated.  Yes, there is work involved. But you don’t have to learn all the new flash whizz bang strategies that are out there to get real results.

Actually, the most important things to learn are the fundamentals of digital marketing. Which don’t change. Then implement a few effective strategies that work well for your specific business.

If you know the fundamentals, then your digital marketing will work better than most of the other marketing out there. #TruthBomb

But very few businesses know the fundamentals, which is why they struggle to get the results and clients that they want from their digital marketing. So here is 4 ways on how to improve your digital marketing results to grow your business.

4 Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing Results

#1 Test and Measure

Now before you stop reading right here and switch off, bear with me for a second. I know, I know, looking at your marketing stats and data feels like the most boring thing on the planet, and who has the time to do it anyway?  Let alone know how to get any useful information out of it!  It can just look like a wall of random numbers with no meaning, but trust me, there is GOLD in those numbers, and looking at your stats can actually SAVE you a lot of time, money and effort.

This is by far one of the most powerful activities you can do for your business.  It means you can find out what is working (to put more effort there) and what is not working (to remove or tweak your efforts there), and every time I look through a businesses data I get multiple insights into how to improve their business.

If you do nothing else to improve your digital marketing, do this, start looking at your stats, even if you don’t really know what they all mean to start with.

#2 Flip the numbers

Now after the first tip, I don’t want you to think that looking at your stats is all about getting your numbers higher, because it isn’t.  Sure more traffic to your website is great, but actually that isn’t the goal!  If your goal is to get more traffic to your site, that is easy, but it doesn’t necessarily lead to sales. True story!

Ironically less traffic to your site or marketing can convert way better.  It isn’t about the numbers.  It is about WHO is seeing your marketing and visiting your site.  If you focus on quantity then you will be wasting a lot of time and energy (not to mention money if you are doing paid ads) on getting the numbers higher.

What is actually important is the QUALITY of the people you are getting in front of.

Get your marketing in front of the right people and you will see your marketing convert with much more ease.

#3 Know who the right people are

Yes another crucial fundamental of digital marketing that the majority of businesses just skip.  Who is your ideal client?  Like who are they really?  Not just “women over 50” or “single men” or “mothers”, but on a deeper level, who are your target market?

What are they going through, what are their challenges, what are their aspirations or dreams, how do they think, what do they believe, where do they hang out?

When you get clarity on who you are wanting to get your message in front of, then your marketing becomes easier to create and know exactly where to put it to get results.  Which brings us to the last point.

#4 Get clear on your key messages

Do you know what your key messages are?  Key messages that actually connect with your ideal client? Are you putting them regularly in your marketing?  Do you know what your ideal clients need to hear before they jump on board and buy from you?

Getting this clarity can massively skyrocket your digital marketing results, because consistent and clear messaging will speak to and attract your ideal client to your business.

Your digital marketing CAN do most of the hard
work in getting clients if done right.


Have a great day and here’s to creating your amazing business.


PS. Having a business coach to help you with your digital marketing and business strategy can massively accelerate the results you will get. If you want help to take your digital marketing results to the next level of growth for your business then click here to find out how you can work with me.




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